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I will pay for the following essay Enterprise Rent-A-Car A Market-Driven Company. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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In order to ensure that it meets it aim, the Enterprise relates to other institutions such as insurance toward providing proper services to its customers. The case analysis makes use of customer value funnel in order to realize the way the company relates to its macorenvironmental and microenviromental. The company acts as the biggest company offering the rental cars to the public. The macroenvironmental drivers include Society and subcultures, Demographics and Psychographics, Economic Factors, Natural-Physical Factors, Political-Legal Factors, Technological Factors while the microenviromental drivers include, Collaboration, Competition, Suppliers and Regulators.The company must always put proper strategies towards manipulating the macroenvironmental factors to help in delivering continuous value to the customer.Society and subcultures.The society and the existing subcultures is important when studying how the Enterprise strive towards ensuring continuous value to the customer. The Enterprise have to consider the essential needs of the society, which always affect the taste of the individuals about the product or service they consume. For instance, the company maintain the need for a friendly environment to ensure that it does not interfere with everyday activities of the residents. The company has established a fuel efficient rental car opportunity which is a step towards offsetting the amount of carbon released in the atmosphere. Demographics and Psychographics Study of demographic is significant since it helps in showing how the company is striving to serve its potential customers in a given geographic location. The company also consider the need to reach a wider part of the market in order to provide services for all their potential customers. The case study shows that the enterprise has established branches and is in the process of increasing its size in order command larger part of the market (Weinstein, 2012). This have allowed the company to offer localized response to its potential customers. Economic Factors This refers to how the company relates to the global economy towards achieving profits. The case analysis shows that the Enterprise has been able to gain control in the North American rental car industry. This is a step towards enlarging the market share of the company which ultimately led to improvement in the profit. Technological Factors This refers to how the company is striving to improve its services to the customers through application of technological advancements. Technological advancement is significant for every contemporary firm especially when there is need to avoid becoming obsolete (Weinstein, 2012).

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