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I will pay for the following essay Achieving Less Stress in the Lives of Informal Caregivers of Adult Children with Multiple Disabilities and the Elderly with Alzheimer. The essay is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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Such activities not only involve physical stress but mental stress as well. It could have a devastating effect on the informal caregivers, due to the nature of their jobs and criticality of the illnesses of their loved ones. Alzheimer’s is estimated to be the sixth largest cause of deaths in the U.S. annually. A significant number of patients suffering from critical illnesses, contrary to popular beliefs, are cared for by informal caregivers rather than in a formal setting (Arno, Levine, &amp. Memmott, 1999. Brody, 1985. Kosberg &amp. Cairl, 1992. Martire, Schulz, Wrosch, &amp. Newsome, 2003. McAuley, Jacobs, &amp. Carr, 1984). According to latest statistics, approximately 15 million people are involved in informal care to their loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s, contributing to approximately 17 billion hours of unpaid care. The informal care-givers, often suffer from high amount of stress due to the critical conditions of their loved ones, thus impairing their own health in the process. It has been proved through research that caring for people suffering from chronic illnesses leads to an adverse and negative impact on the lives of the informal carers, resulting in strained relationships. and often leaving them no time for their families or for leisure, resulting in increased mental stress. Thus, it is of utmost significance to offer assistance and develop strategies to help such informal caregivers in coping with stress, and develop alternative strategies to help reduce or eliminate the physical and mental setbacks suffered by them, in the process of providing care to their loved ones. This paper on “Achieving Less Stress in the Lives of Informal Caregivers of Adult Children with Multiple Disabilities and the Elderly with Alzheimer” attempts to seek ways and means, which can successfully be applied to reduce such stress and improve the quality of life of the informal caregivers. – Problem Statement: Informal caregivers of persons with disabilities experience large amounts of stress due to their constant care giving responsibilities. – Research Question: If caregivers of the disabled adult child and elder received respite care (two or more day a week) intervention during the regular work week will they have lower stress than those caregivers who receive the standard caregiver services? – Background: Providing care to people suffering from critical illnesses entails significant amount of responsibility and dedication towards the patients, which might lead to situations of stress and affect the quality of life of the caregivers in a negative way.

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