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Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: How does use their digital channels to achieve success.

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This means that has learnt so much on how to use digital channels to achieve success. This paper explains the many ways that uses their digital channels to achieve success. Improving marketing and advertising has used its digital channels to improve its marketing. To be able to do this, the company uses a number of online marketing channels to direct customers to its websites. These online channels include email campaigns, associates sponsoring, portal advertising, sponsored search among other online initiatives. This has enabled the company to achieve a high growth in its sales rates because these channels allow many people to know about Amazon, its products, pricing and delivery/shipping of goods. In this era of technology and internet, many customers browse through online marketing channels to search for products and compare prices and delivery/shipping services. Amazon therefore is taking advantage of this. Apart from directing customers to its websites, has also been using its digital channels to advertise its products. …

It uses these channels to quickly inform the customers about the shipping programs it is running so that they can purpose to take advantage of the programs (Rappa 2006). Influencing the purchase of related products uses advertisement through digital channels to help customers expand their product selection and the result of this is increased sales. For example, they could advertise a product in one of their stores, like a book. Other than catching customer attention towards this book, they also match the same book that the customer has selected with another second book. Rappa (2006) explains that in order to select products that will be matched and also to motivate customers to buy the second product, the company uses correlation of past customers who bought the product being advertised and also bought the second product. This kind of matching selection influences customers purchase by showing them a product they are likely to want to purchase in near future apart from one they are interested in. In order to motivate the customers to buy the two books at once, the company supports the matching selection with discounted prices. The customers will therefore decide to take the two products at once using discounted prices and save some money than take the one they are interested in first and come back later for the second one both without discount. This means that making a correlation of sales of products enables the company to pick out the most selling product and use it to influence the purchase of a related product through its digital channels. This type of a strategy reduces chances that customer will go for the second book from another store.

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