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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Information mangment.

The system also works towards shifting the workload from any single local computer system, to a cloud of many other computers that are interconnected to the system, which also functions like the computer in the main organization, through a web-based service that allows the local computers to run the programs of the organization such as the e-mail as well as other complex data of the organization (Furht &amp. Escalante, 2010 p22). Social media Social media is a form of cloud computing, since it entails the use of data and resources of a single organization by different end users, who are situated in different parts of the world, through the internet (Morley &amp. Parker, 19). Social media qualifies as a form of cloud computing, since it allows various end users to use the software and data of a single organization, to connect with the organization and with other end users, using their local computers and other internet-connecting devices, from all over the world. Social media is a form of cloud computing because it entails many people connected to the social network through the internet, but operating from different regions. …

f cloud computing to large organizations that cannot be obtained by the small organizations is that the large organizations and the SMEs can use the same resources, but the large organization will benefit more, since it will spread the accessibility of the similar resources to many of its stakeholders, while the SMEs have few stakeholders to share with. Thus cloud computing offers the cost redaction benefit more to the large organizations, more than to the SMEs. Challenges for SMEs vis-a-vis big organisations The challenge is similar however, since Companies with different sizes (big, medium and small companies) face similar problems when it comes to the application of social media as a form of cloud computing, since their employees are using the existing computing resources owned by the companies, to connect and communicate with their relations, at the expense of applying such organizational resources productively (Morley &amp. Parker, 19). The difference in the challenges between the large organization and the SMEs is that the large organizations have the ability to acquire and use the cloud computing technology, more than the SMEs. Differentiating between the three kinds of cloud computing Cloud computing platform is the main podium through which developers write the applications that runs the cloud (Furht &amp. Escalante, 2010 p28). The cloud computing platform is the way through which the applications on the site of an organization are supported. On the other hand, cloud computing infrastructure refers to the interconnection of the resources that are applied to make the applications and the services possible for the end users, who uses an organizations data and software.

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