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Compose a 1750 words essay on Code of the Street: Decency, Violence, and the Moral Life of the Inner City (1 page chapter summaries). Needs to be plagiarism free!

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At the same time, they struggle hard to infuse the same moral and qualities in their children. These groups are more family-oriented and focused to achieve a better quality life style. Decent parents allow their children to be more focused in their studies and religion. Their children could be seen going to church and schools. They teach their children to be respectful and kind towards other people as well as they work hard on building positive social environment around them. This can be specifically termed as code of street. When any violence occurs, these parents teach their children how to adopt a defensive behavior against the enemy without getting weaker. On other hand, street families have parents who express lack for concerns for the people around them. They teach their children the code of streets in a negative manner. They express social disorganization with the environment and the people around them. As a result, it is evident to observe a destructive behavior in their children who are prone to drugs, violence, domestic abuse and quarrels. Chapter 2: Campaigning for Respect: In this chapter of the book, Anderson speaks about the term “respect’ and “values”. …

In some cases, children from such families are not allowed to remain outside for longer durations. When children from different family backgrounds socialize with each other, a kind of social shuffle happens. It depends on the children that which way he chooses to go. The writer explains that the campaigning for respect is a kind of a street code which helps the families living in inner-cities to survive on the streets. It helps the children to organize their life by adopting healthy behavior and by gaining respect for the people around them as well as it also teaches them how to be responsive with other people. Anderson calls this campaign a complex mechanism for the young people to survive and respect. Chapter 3: Drugs, Violence and Street Crime: In this chapter Anderson has explained that how the drug industry has become a threat for the survival of the black young people. This has merged as an impending threat to the code of the street. Due to racism, Black American young people have to face a lot of troubles at work and as a result, they have negative impression in the community and in the society, at large. Ultimately, this situation triggers the unfavorable conditions for them and allows them to become a part of such subculture where violence and drugs hold prominent positions. It helps to gain economic stability. Anderson has criticized the drug dealers and their psychological impact on the minds of young Americans who view them as role models due to their economic stability. They started viewing the business of drugs as a system to gain materials and valuable items from the addicts.

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