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Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: Band of Outsiders.

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The movie was one of the finest ever work by Jean-Luc Godard. It was a lyrical tragic comedy, perhaps was one of the Godard’s most charming film. The screenplay was written by the director Jean-Luc Godard, and was based on the famous novel Fool’s Gold by Dolores Hitchens. The screenplay was the firm and strong base for the movie. The depth and contents of the movie supported the movie to became the Godard’s one of the best works. The scenes of the movie like the climax scene, a silence after the trio crowded in the cafe and many other scenes had made a significant and narrative effect on the viewers and the critics. These scenes created the essence of the brilliant direction and screenplay for turning the movie into an excellent work in all the fields like direction, screenplay, editing and others. The Band of Outsiders was known for its most superfluous work from the Jean-Luc, as compared to his other work like Breathless and others. From this movie, the Godard turned himself towards the low-scale movie which turned to be a fruitful step later in his film career. The direction made the haul for viewer to watch the long takes in the movie.

The depth that had been created by the director in the movie was accordingly to synchronize the momentum of the movie. The long takes in the movie were outstanding creation work exactly from the director Jean-Luc Goddard.

The dance scenes in Band of Outsiders were very much grand, although it was a playful and it came out of nowhere, it really did add a lot to the story. The strong point of the movie were the story, the scenes, the direction and these sorts of scenes. In the movie, the two men and the lady were dancing we heard the music cut off and a narrator come over. The narration produced a soothing effect on the viewer even at that time and also up to the present.

The director Jean-Luc had tremendously worked out and described what each character was truly feeling as they looked like in the movie that they were having fun and dancing in a cafe. This small element made the viewers to think, what the characters were really thinking as they walked along and talked to each other for the rest of the film. In the movie, it was described simply that simple, but it added a lot of depths. The viewer would then add in the depth himself. This was some great stuff and was one of the many reasons, why Band of Outsiders was one of the excellent efforts from the direction point of view for putting the sensual effects in the movie.

Band of Outsiders was the most poetic work from Godard’s early films. This was due in large part to the voiceover narration, read by Godard himself, as the screenplay was written by the Godard himself. When the film’s celebrated Madison scene, Godard cut out the music and relates the characters’ thoughts, as the character Odile wondered if the men could see her breasts moving under the sweater.

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