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The leaders should design viable modalities and strategies to promote success amongst students. The strategies should help in streamlining operations in the special education sector and ensure that students with special needs receive sufficient support. Global leaders emphasize the need to improve special education to ensure equitable acquisition of knowledge by everyone including the disabled who have been neglected for a long time. The leaders are keen to eradicate challenges including discrimination and lack of support equipments that hinder individuals with special needs from achieving quality education. These include a call on key stakeholders in the education sector to formulate strong educational policies that ensure holistic provision of learning support to all irrespective of gender, color, race and physical ability. Explanation of issues Palladino (2001) noted that special education policies are relevant in advancing education of the disabled who have been neglected. The disabled have not enjoyed equal educational rights compared to individuals without disability. Authorities and school leaders need to distinguish their plight, develop special centers, and provide learning support equipments that are necessary during the education process. …

They also have personal aspirations and professional ambitions that are only tenable through education. As noted by Palladino (2001) the significance of education calls for the development of holistic policies that are not discriminatory. Nations should develop favorable education policies to boost disabled education. In particular, they should set up education centers for persons with extraordinary needs, provide scholarship and funds to facilitate their quest for knowledge (Cooner, Tochterman &amp. Garrison-Wade, nd). Construction of favorable infrastructural set ups that embraces their needs are also crucial. These elements provide hope for the disabled who are being nurtured to realize their full potentials. Evidence and point of view Special education has not received proper management and strategic support systems from key stakeholders who include school leaders. The leaders have not taken the initiative to develop inclusive school programs that give every student equal chance of participation. The programs within several institutions do not favor students with various kinds of disabilities consequently hindering their performance academically and socially (Palladino, 2001). The high rate of discrimination also affects their self-esteem, ego and confidentiality. These are significant elements for holistic development. The stakeholders have also failed to develop viable policies to safeguard the rights of students equally and prioritize the special needs of the disabled students. This is because poor policies that guide operations in the education sector in several nations have been the source of failure resulting to a total neglect of the disabled.

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