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Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses Multidisciplinary Team Relationships in Healthcare.

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There have been legislations on equality and diversity in professional practice that have been incorporated in the training needs and personal development plans created by most providers (WAGNER, E.H., 2000).

Consequently, there is a huge volume of literature on this area where different view points on multidisciplinary healthcare team have been critically examined in order to reach viable model of implementation in quality healthcare and to find out some heuristic device to solve the problems of interrelationships in a team. (Good emphasise) (ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS. 1994.)

”This author intends to have a critical review of literature on multidisciplinary team relationships in healthcare mainly focusing on nursing and other members of the team with examples from occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and other care disciplines” Reasoning is sufficient. To be able to do this, a thorough literature search was undertaken from Blackwell Press, Medline, Ingenta, British Medical Journal, High Wire Press, and Sage Journals online with the keywords ‘multidisciplinary team’ and ‘health care’. A total of 6432 journal articles were identified. To narrow down our search, a further search on these articles with keywords, ‘relationship’, ‘interdisciplinary relations’ and ‘interrelationship’ yielded only 232 articles. To further focus in our interest area and to reduce the articles to the specific area of the review, a search with key words ‘occupational therapy’, ‘physiotherapy’, ‘community mental health’ at different search incidences led to 15, 4, and 20 articles respectively. The keyword ‘nursing’ further narrowed it down to 12 results in total. This reviewer selected 6 literatures to study the question of professional interrelationships in a multidisciplinary care team from the perspective of nurses included in the team as applied to healthcare and its impact on delivery of healthcare in the areas of occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and mental health.

The multidisciplinary care in the area of occupational therapy demands a change in the approach towards the definition of the responsibilities of each participant in the team with an emphasis on chronic illnesses and sufferings from it. There are always ambiguous areas of roles or responsibilities in terms of ownership of healthcare, and there would be evident and consequent power struggles to lay claim on ownerships in a team. This leads to heightened tension within the group and resultant shift of focus from patient-centred care to hassles related to assumption of authority in a team. To obviate this, terms like collaboration and participation have proliferated with growing concern and stress on active involvement of patient and caregivers that invokes predominance of informed choices of the patients at least in selected areas (COPNELL, B.,JOHNSTON, L., HARRISON, D. ET AL. 2004). (Reference would be of benefit).

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