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There are various other reasons for human trafficking that include illegal tissue and organ extraction (Joint Council of Europe/United Nations Study, 2009), and reproductive trafficking that encompasses removal of the ova or even surrogacy (Eyal, 2012). Human trafficking is considered as a lucrative trade, and comes second only to illicit drug trafficking, in the context of raking in highest profits amongst all other illicit industries worldwide (Haken, 2011). Reports revealed that total revenue earned from human trafficking in 2004 was estimated to be around $9 billion (UNECE, 2004). ILO in one of its reports on human trafficking estimated that the industry earned around $31.6 billion (in profits) each year, globally (Belser, 2005). The UN estimated that, “about 2.5 million people from 127 countries have been trafficked to 137 countries for purposes such as forced labour, sexual exploitation, the removal of organs and body parts, forced marriages, child adoption and begging” (UN News Centre, 2008). Some experts contend that statistical representation of data on human trafficking is flawed and sometimes not quantifiable. …

procedure that displays persistently changing patterns closely connected to economic conditions. thus making a large part of the statistical analysis found in various reports flawed (Feingold, 2010). As per the definition provided by International Centre for Migration Policy development (ICMPD), human trafficking is “Crime against person – victim. violation of the rights of the victim of trafficking by definition (violation of person’s human rights. victim of coercion and exploitation that give rise to duties by the State to treat the individual as a victim of a crime and human rights violation)” (ICMPD, nd). Human trafficking victims are not allowed to leave once they reach their destination, and are held against their will through threats and coercion and made to serve or work (bonded labour or commercialised sexual exploitation) for the trafficker. The UAE forms to be a global centre point for human trafficking that deals primarily with women&nbsp.and children. As per some reports published in 2010, human trafficking in the UAE accounted for nearly 37 % of all illegal migration cases referred in 2009 to&nbsp.Dubai Foundation for Women and Children&nbsp.(DFWAC), which is an increase of almost 28 % from 2008. UAE’s official fight against human trafficking started six years back in 2006, with the enactment of Federal Law 51 and formation of National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking (NCCHT). While results in the past five years hint that there has been significant progress in process of combatting human trafficking, however the government must take into consideration that various interlinked challenges at multiple levels, associated with this illicit trade, makes it necessary for the government to be on constant alert and maintain sustained vigil.

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