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Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Analysis of June Jordans Some of Us Did Not Die.

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This is a complex background for innovative ideas and changes, which may concern different shifts in the cultural perception of a capitalist America. June Jordan devoted her essay to the most important things in the lives of women: these are family, social relations, mothers, and political movements. Women are exceeding the limits of their usual cultural and religious templates of behavior. They are much more concerned about the issues of racism and feminism, which were forbidden before. The author claims that the moral principles of the Americans are very much spoiled because there is an overall confidence in the coming attacks from the terrorists. Americans show antagonistic moods to the national identities of others. Therefore, they are full of disrespect. The author criticizes such a negative and intolerant attitude of the Americans to other nations for sure. When June Jordan passed away on June 14, 2002, it occurred to the public and the world’s community that social injustices have always been triggered by insincere human practices. Jordan devoted herself totally to her writing. Jordan was born in the family of West Indians and her writings were focused on the lives of African Americans and the important ideas and considerations of feminists and the role they played in the context of the American life. A constant struggle of African Americans against their unfair life, constant oppression, enabled African Americans to protect their rights wholeheartedly. Personal failures are very disappointing for the contemporaries. She talks about the American delusion of individuality (Jordan, p. 116). It is evident that Jordan suffers from having lost enormous treasures of the African American literature. She inspired people to oppose to a division of the world in two parts. A ridiculous choice of people and their option to choose between different hostile moods of people is evident. She supposes that: “if we would speak the unspeakable, if we would name and say the resource of our sorrow and scars, we would find a tender and a powerful company of others struggling as we do, and we would know we should show to the world, at last, that shame belongs with blame, not on the victim (Jordan, p. 115)”. This is the author’s hint about a constant jockeying nature of Americans, who want to obtrude their ideas on other people. They are full of disrespect and as a result, they do not see powerful and brave people around them if they came from a strange background. In spite of the fact that national identities have always been blurred in America, this nation has not totally confirmed a sound contribution of other nations to its development. June Jordan was not afraid of being a challenging author, who can appeal for the inner thoughts of the nations and find the seeds of truth in the minds of modern Americans. Jordan was thinking about people and their opportunity to get rid of fear and serious deprivation.&nbsp.

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