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I will pay for the following essay Having good study skills can improve student. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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There are various good studying skills and these skills are of utmost importance as they can lead to provide for betterment in the student with regard to their education. An important studying skill that students should know is that they should choose the most comfortable location for their studies. It is essential that students are easy and relaxed while studying and thus they should choose their spots of studying as per their requirements. An individual should consider his spot according to his own comfort level rather than trying to choose spots where their peers can study well. This is because every individual has his own way of studying and to try to accommodate oneself in a spot where others are comfortable may not be a very suitable option. A perfect example to support this stand is the library. Many students find it easy to study in the library owing to their liking of the studying environment. On the other hand, some students find it very difficult to study in the library as they get distracted by the new people who enter the library or because they feel more comfortable while studying at home. Thus, it is important for a student to choose his specific spot of studying as per his own needs and requirements. …

In this way, the student would be able to stay in pace with the teachings in the class and he would also be able to understand what is required from him during lectures and in his assignments. There are a few students who hesitate to contact their teachers out of fear that their teachers would look down upon them and consider them to inattentive and slow. This is extremely wrong and it further worsens the educational level of an already struggling student. Thus, an important skill of studying is to have a good communication with the instructor. Organization in studying is also a very essential skill that can help students to improve in their studies. Students should not only organize their studying times but they should also organize the way in which they study. Organized schedules allow students to dedicate the required time to their studies. A student should create his timetable by devoting the maximum time to the subjects that he is weak in. In this way, he would be able to concentrate more on his weaknesses and hence improve his performance in those subjects. Apart from creating timetables for studying times, students should organize their study pattern. Haphazard studying leads to more confusion and the students are not able to retain what they study. An easier way is to study the most difficult and important topics and highlight the important points. Very important points that may help at the last minute before an exam can be written down in a notebook for later revision. In this manner, a student can revise his work easily and go through the highlighted sections and the notebook for overviewing the important points.

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