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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on There is no point in providing rehabilitation for elderly patients with senile dementia: the resources could be used more effectively elsewhere in the healthcare system. It needs to be at least 2500 words.

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The theories of how health care should be considered and substantiated will be discussed as well as the costs of caring for those with senile dementia.

Other relative issues that this report plains to explain and include are: physiotherapy and its therapeutic qualities, whether specific rehabilitation treatments are necessary and why, and also a more personal look into the carer’s who provide health and supportive services for the aging in the early stages of dementia but living independently.

This report will share both sides of the argument in regards to rehabilitative services and whether or not these same resources could be better served outside of mental care facilities. Also, there will be exploration into the many types of rehabilitative services there are such as: cognitive therapies, aromatherapies, music and dance therapy, occupational therapies, psychotherapies, massage therapies, and physiotherapies (British Geriatrics’ Society 2005).

Senile Dementia is a medical disease that afflicts an estimated amount of nearly 700,000 elderly people who have current residency in Britain, with the leading form of Dementia being ‘Alzheimer’s (BBC News Worldwide, 2003). This is a median percentage of the elderly population and it poses innumerable questions as to why older citizen’s mental competency is diminishing in so many, within the older generation. Also, since the 40’s era there has been a marked concern that due to the rising percentile of the aging showing signs of mental incompetence (Hilton 2005), the mental health care facilities might become overwhelmed because of the increasing need for specialized healthcare services. Therefore, great minds such as ‘David K. Henderson and Aubrey Lewis’ decided it would be best to implement a health care strategy not solely for the elderly with dementia already in mental homes but for those within the communities as well. It was attempted to maintain an equal balance and prevent or slow the progression of dementia by meeting the needs of those that still presented with an average sound mind and the ability to care for themselves in a normal environment (Hilton, 2005). This stabilization method has proved very effective in controlling any overflow of mental illness within the hospital environment by offering preliminary treatment in the earliest onset of the disease.

There is no question that Senile Dementia is one of the leading factors in regards to the degenerative changes within the cognitive processes of the brain (Bupa Health Information Team 2002). The rate with which the disease progresses depends on multiple factors but the two primary ones seem to be the type and amount of support the elderly patient receives’ and that persons individual physical and emotional well being at a specific time (Alzheimer’s Society 2005).

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