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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Semi-formal report assignment about Physiotherapy.

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Physiotherapy is now a widely used treatment for many problems and health care areas, which can include orthopedics, neurology, chest, pediatrics, gynecology and geriatrics, nephrology, cancer, sports, post cardiothoracic surgery, general surgery (Burnett, 2006, pp 2 and 3). Through the use of different techniques, physiotherapy aims to improve the functioning of the different malfunctions of the body and help in the recovery processes due to illness or injury (Kumar, 2005, pp 6). The key areas therefore, where physiotherapy is utilized includes prevention of injury from taking place in susceptible individuals, acute care, rehabilitation in various illnesses and injuries, maintenance of functional mobility or best achievable health in at risk patients such as the elderly or patients with chronic illnesses, for patient and carer education, and occupational health respectively (Kumar, 2005, pp 6, Burnett, 2006, pp 4). The type of work leads to many applications of physical therapy. Physical therapists may be involved in providing general public information about how to maintain the correct posture or life heavy objects without hurting self. They may be involved in educating pregnant women about how to maintain their body balance and ways to maintain their postures (Burnett, 2006, pp 3 and 4). They are actively involved in caring for a rehabilitation of children with various mental or physical retardations. Providing rehabilitation to patients with various illnesses as mentioned above are also another key area of their services. The locations for carrying out physiotherapy can range from hospitals to rehabilitation centers, to private clinics or home visiting teams respectively. The physiotherapists are able to carry out these treatments through a range of techniques, which include manipulation and massages, exercise, hydrotherapy, vibration, ultrasound, and the use of infrared and ultraviolet radiation respectively (Burnett, 2006, pp 4). BACKGROUND The origins of physiotherapy are uncertain, for methods such as massage and heat therapy was utilized by people for long time to treat various muscular injuries. However, the true scope of physiotherapy probably emerged during the Second World War, where soldiers were the first to experiment the use of it (Kumar, 2005, pp 6). The effectiveness of these methods led to more research and innovation, with the result that physiotherapy gradually came to be known as a separate entity in medical and allied health fields. This led to the creation of first ever diploma and degree programs specific for physical therapy (Kumar, 2005, pp 6). Some claim that the origins of various techniques such as massage therapies and hydrotherapeutics were invented and utilized by the Chinese for as long as 3000 BC (Dreeben-Irimia, 2010, pp 3). Ancient China, India and Greece have been involved in utilizing its various forms and methods for quite some time, as evidenced by their ancient medical texts (Dreeben Irimia, 2010, pp 3).

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