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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Managing Activities To Achieve Results. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

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They focus on demand from all over the world, to supply customers with products of a good price. Since it is an innovation based company that focuses on lower and competitive prices and food for all, its structure is a matrix structure. That is, it is divided into departments called functional departments. These include sales and marketing, global supply, research and development and global support functions. Even though these are independent functions, they function together as well, as teams are made to bridge the different departments. This helps bring diverse talent together and benefit the organization as a whole. It also has a culture of being forward looking, passionate and creative, where employees are made to think of new ideas while at the same time understanding that they need to meet deadlines. Employees are also appreciate and rewarded for the work that they do. LO1.2. Process management is when the company increases the effectiveness of the entire processes in Syngenta by applying the knowledge base to all the activities in the organization rather than a specific project so that optimal customer satisfaction can be achieved. The entire business process is included in this process and all the aspects of the organization are made according to the customer’s demand. …

The next step is to model the theories and test out their practicality and workability with a number of variables as situations in the world are dynamic. Execution is the next step and it is used to apply the theoretical concepts in the workplace such as the software or computer applications that allow the workplace to function. Service quality is defined as a comparison of what people are expecting to be delivered or offered and what they actually get offered or what actually is offered to them. If a business is eyeing to remain competitive and as well as a strong customer base, it is vital for them to offer the kind of service quality that is higher than the industry average. The business is able to establish itself as a successful enterprise only when they actually cater to the customers that they are looking for. A customer is always willing to pay as much as demanded when they are offered the equal price in return. The price in return that the customer is looking for is a good reception of their demands and the fulfillment of their request to the maximum limit. Service quality has two aspects to it, one of them is objective and the other is subjective. The objective part of the service quality relates to the tangible factors, things that are visible while subjective part are the intangibles, things that are only felt or experienced. It is important for the business to be able to distinguish them and hence appear more appealing to their customers. To keep a constant check on the Service Quality that is being provided by them, the Sygentas should design a measurement scale, or predefined criteria that will actually help them judge their own service quality.

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