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Not only, is she discriminated in her social groups but also by the people who are the backbones of the education system. Many principles of schools ask parents of pregnant teenagers to take away their daughters from their schools in fear of the bad reputation of their institution. A book that has been written by experts and which is an extension of the thoughts promoted by The National Childbirth Trust has stated that ” giving birth is often called ‘the everyday miracle’, and nothing can be more true.” (p.10) To this observation I want to add that it’s also true that this miracle of nature sometimes becomes very unwanted, embarrassing and burdensome to the society on the whole and also the parents if they themselves are nothing but children. What follows is the continuous phase of guilt and depression. The situation may become even worse if in such trying times pregnant teenagers are barred the right to education which is a great source of hope for them to make their lives better. Through education they get the power to console themselves that future holds better jobs, better money and better living conditions for them and their unborn babies.

Heyman andEducation is essential

Heyman and Henriksen in their book have integrated the observational, surveys and qualitative interviews upon pregnant women, doctors, and midwives of a hospital to observe the relationship between risk, age and pregnancy. They stated:

Survey data can document the complexities of judgments about the timing of parenthood, although it cannot bring out the reasoning behind such judgments with any depth. Our respondents were asked whether they felt that men and women could be too old or too young to have a baby, and, if so, to specify these age boundariesour respondents, collectively, define the lower parental age boundary more sharply than the upper one(2001, p.64)

Through this detailed study it is easier to believe that the majority of people are against pregnancy at tender age. This can be related to the main topic, as when the majority does not approve of teenage pregnancy a simple right of education has become a matter of discussion: whether these people should be allowed to mingle with normal teenagers who might never have to face this situation before time. Many parents feel that if schools allow these teenagers to take classes then it would be giving wrong signals to their other wards. Strongly opposing this viewpoint, Hayes in Gottlieb has stated that

“I don’t think [a pregnant teen] is any more a bad role model than the teen who’s sexually active and just not getting pregnant. Getting pregnant doesn’t make [someone] any different from you. I think that’s a more practical lesson. Students will look at her and say, ‘Whoa, she was doing just what we’re doing.'” (Screwed twice section, para. 6)

Heyman and Henriksen in their study pointed out that some respondents in their study felt that on the account of their pregnancies the teenagers should not stop their education.

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