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Need an argumentative essay on The Business Environment. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Hence any business activity is a supporting factor for the economic growth of a region and subsequently the country. Business activity can be classified into two categories – for-profit and non-profit organizations. As the name suggests, for-profit organizations function solely for the purpose of delivering benefits and reaping profits in return. However, non-profit organizations do not work around this phenomenon. On the contrary, non-profit organizations’ focus is on imparting good to the surroundings and the society. Most non-profit organizations are developed around services unanimously agreed as should-be available for all, irrespective of class, status, power and financial stability such as hospital and Medicare services, education, arts and several other similar fields (Kelly &amp. McGowen, 2010, pg6). Often, non-profit organizations charge a minimal or no fee, working at a break-even by only focusing on recovering costs. Functionally and instrumentally, no differences are observed as both types of organizations require capital, human resource, natural resources and entrepreneur (Kelly &amp. McGowen, 2010, pg6). Expenditures in both cases are more or less the same. The only difference arises in the motive behind the business operations. This does not mean that non-profit organizations do not make profits at all. …

Consequently, the non-profit organizations do not impart monetary benefits to the economy and the society as the for-profit businesses do. Nevertheless, it helps in elevating societal problems and increasing the masses’ quality of life, non-monetary and intangible benefits with no comparison at all. When talking about the United States fiscal and monetary policy, it is important to note that back in September 2008, United States was on the verge of an immense economic crisis. The banking system was on the verge of a mighty collapse. Unemployment rose due to lay-offs and down-sizing. Property prices crashed due to the decreasing affordability of people. The stock market value also decreased significantly, reflecting the grim near future. Additionally, with the terrorist attack of 9/11 which is imprinted in innumerable hearts and minds around the world, the gloomy fate seemed even nearer (Kelly &amp. McGowen, 2010, pg17). The remedial policies and methods adopted soon afterwards were only able to delay the United States’ destiny without providing any concrete solutions. It can be said that the policies developed immediately after the realization of the economic crisis were more detrimental that beneficial for the people of United States. The recent policies developed during the reign of President Barrack Obama included cutting taxes, building infrastructure, investing in green energy and jobs creation (Kelly &amp. McGowen, 2010, pg19). The current government is working towards turning around the previously downfall directed economic progress. Fiscal policies involve decisions regarding taxes and government spending (Kelly &amp. McGowen, 2010, pg19).

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