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Write a 5 page essay on Girls of Riyadh Paper.

The book is written in the form of e-mails and the anonymous narrator appears to be posting revealing stories on the internet aiming at seducing Saudi men on weekly basis. The e-mails concern four young girls who are educated, secular, desperate, and the blog soon becomes talk of the town. Behind the curtains of a religiously dominated Arabic society, it is difficult to imagine the kind of lives led by younger population and the book aims to describe this with help of many unfolding accounts. What is shared by the four main characters in the book is the fascination they have for opposite sex as it appears that they have no other issues to worry about since their every material desire is readily fulfilled as they belong from high class. The main purpose of the author Alsanea is to take the intrigued readers on a mesmerizing yet mysterious journey of Saudi Arabia while centering the focus on the capital Riyadh, but that is not exactly how this book or its purpose can be described. Actually, the author intends to portray the sexual desperation and complex emotional issues experienced by young Saudi population, and describes how both boys and girls, blinded by physical needs, are trying to do everything they can to reach one another even if the society does not approve of such open efforts aiming at love and mixed relationships. The book describes how more and more younger men are seen roaming around in cars which have their cell phone numbers engraved in the front or back mirrors. Likewise, girls also appear to be desperate enough according to this book to make efforts for befriending men and embark on an intimate journey with them. The book inculcates this impression in the readers’ minds that Saudi girls find themselves stymied by a conservative and strict societal system which offers them limited freedom to socialize with opposite sex and has sharply specified expectations which must be met by those living in the society. Though the main characters in the book Lamees, Michelle, Gamrah, and Sadeem appear to try following the religious and societal rituals to their best, yet they desperately long for a free life, on where marrying for love would not be a lucky happenstance but a right they could be sure of. The characters are portrayed as four ambitious and modernized girls who feel infuriated about limited freedom they are guaranteed by a strict Islamic society. Alsanea has described Riyadh in her book as a city where longing, lust, and love are suppressed. The book also describes the hypocrisy and misogyny particular of the high class Arabic society, how men absolutely despise and hate women who enjoy their sex lives before getting married though they may engage in infidelity themselves even while being married. One of the female characters in the book shows the readers how she dealt with and endured her husband’s infidelity while another main character is seen getting refused by her fiance because he hates her for engaging in sex before marriage. It is described how young Saudi girls feel thwarted by rigid social constraints which force them to stop dreaming about a free love life.

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