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Write a 3 page essay on Law Enforcement U1IP.

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Why is the Command of Temper Important to the Demeanor of the Typical Police Officer? With regards to the principle i.e. “No quality is more indispensable to a policeman than a perfect command of temper. a quiet, determined manner has more effect than violent action”, it has often been viewed that police department, in the early 19th century, accepted violence as a norm for punishing wrong–doers, resulting in categorizing the department as large bureaucratic structure along the military lines. The increasing trend of treating the offenders violently resulted in criticizing the department concerning their theories and policies on ethical grounds. Scenario, since then, has apparently changed in the 21st century, where ethical conscience and responsibilities in every sphere of the society is considered as incomparable. Thus, it can be stated that the command of temper is very important in respect to the demeanor of a typical police officer, which restricts the policeman to conduct any aggressive behavior that might result in breach of his ethical commitments (Olsen, 2011). Again, the principle of “the securing and training of proper persons is at the root of efficiency”, it can be affirmed that rights availed to a policeman, holds significant influence on the law enforcement efficiencies of a society. Apparently, if the rights are availed to wrong person, who is observed as incompetent to understand and likewise, responds to their responsibilities, it might impose grave consequences on the societal health. Therefore, it was considered as quite vital that the selection and training of policemen made in accordance to a set standard to proper personnel who will be suitable for the department (Olsen, 2011). Do you feel that enough has been done in Law Enforcement to Develop the Proper Demeanor of Law Enforcement Officers? As per my understanding, in order to implement the principle of maintaining a perfect command of temper amidst the policemen, enough law enforcements have been done. For instance, the ‘Law Enforcement Code of Ethics’ has been finalized and is implemented to generate adequate awareness and oblige policemen to maintain ethical conduct remaining calm and focused by controlling their temper. However, the change in the ethical and the cultural ways of living amidst the current periled may highlight the need of changes in some policies (Lawriter LLC, 2008). Again, the law provisions enacted under the ‘4973.17 Commissions for special police officers – term of office – training’, states the different criteria which are necessary requirements for becoming a police officer. However, there are certain factors that can improve the Demeanor of a police officer if implemented during their training session (Lawriter LLC, 2008). If you were the Chief of Police of a Local Law Enforcement Organization with the Opportunity to Establish Guidelines on Developing the Demeanour of Law Enforcement Officers, What Methods Would you utilize? In relation to the stated principle of “no quality is more indispensable to a policeman than a perfect command of temper.

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