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Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Phase 4 Discussion Board.

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My career aspiration is to manage the Administrative Staff over the Emergency Department and Main Admitting Area of the hospital I work at. Hospital is a place where the patients are your first preference. My job would be to oversee full-time, part-time and PRN employees who handle several different roles within the Department. Being a manager I would assign tasks to the related employees and every employee would update me with the performance status. This would be a straightforward projects management which will occur as the situation arises. Project management mostly helps for the work done effectively, but in a hospital efficient working is required. So the project management does not seem to be very helpful to be used for the job of managing administrative staff under an emergency situation ( I would also handle the projects that decide upon how to use the budget for new hire training, quarterly meetings, training when new procedures and policies are put into effect, and how to provide awards and recognition for my employees. Use of project management technique would be appropriate for such projects. This would help me to meet the dead line for meetings, effectively allocation of resources, adopting the appropriate methods for trainings for assessing the performance of my employees. The first step in project management is to develop a project plan. The project plan gives us a guideline to follow and helps to measure the project related risks. It includes the process that should be followed to meet the customer requirements ( A project plan specifies that when, how, how much and by whom what task would be performed. Project planning helps to manage the risk and to reduce its effect on the desired outcome. It also helps to assess the problems that may arise in the future during processing and gives directions for problem solving. Project planning requires a lot of time and efforts. In an emergency department at a hospital, a does not have much time to think and evaluate the options. Quick and straight decisions are to be made as the situation arises. Under an emergency situation a manager has to manage all the employees and their activities sharply without any delays. It would not be better to wait for a plan to be completed when we need the solution urgently. The other managing jobs like decisions regarding using the budget, quarterly meetings and training for the new procedures and policies may have time to write a project plan ( planning would be useful for new hiring and their training. It would help to cut the budgets when required and to use them efficiently when there will be some new procedure and polices to put into effect. Project planning makes the instructions easy for employees they would know what steps are to be followed when and this would help to improve the administrative activities of organization. Project management is a time consuming process. It involves lot of paper work and brainstorming. When it is not done in a proper manner it may give the unexpected bad results.

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