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Write 10 page essay on the topic Learning in the Learning Organisation.

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Generally speaking, learning organization is an organization which gives an opportunity to its employees to learn such skills that help them develop professionally. Organizations do help their employees to learn more as it adds value to the organization’s human resource and help the company to sustain its competitive advantage in the market. To be a learning organization is also important because of the change that now takes place very quickly in the market and it is incumbent for the organizations to keep track of these changes (Senge, 1994). Learning organizations Though many researches have been conducted on the area of learning organizations and to define the concept, but no definite definition has yet been provided. Some of the definitions given by some researchers are as under: According to Senge (1990), organizations which provide its employees an opportunity to develop their professional skills in order to achieve job targets more effectively are called learning organizations. Moreover, such organization also allows its employees to think more creatively and innovative ideas are welcomed. Idea of a learning organization could not be instituted in an organization with out support of top management because it is always upper level management who decides the organizational mission and commands it to the whole organization. …

It’s important for any business to change itself according to the market needs and state its procedures parallel with the changing environment. Employees in learning organizations enhance their skills and abilities to keep pace with the changing needs of the business. Such organizations not only encourage learning at individual level but of organization as a whole. Moreover, results achieved from such learning is implemented to improve the organizational working and get better business results. For an organization it is also important to have such systems and procedures that help make it learning organization and keep it updated with the changes in external environment. An organization must adopt a learning approach towards its procedures and employees must get acquainted with the systems that are implemented to cope with the change. It is also important that such an environment is created in the organization which is flexible and allows employees to participate. Such a flexible environment would help the workers to share their experiences and learning with each other. Moreover, employees must get self-development opportunities in order to enhance their professional skills at independent level and collaboratively participate in the progress of the organization (Smith, 1999). Pre-requisites of a learning organization For an organization to become a learning organization, there are some requirements that must be met. Senge (1990) has explained five major requirements which an organization must meet in order to be a learning organization. These pre-requisites are as under: 1. Shared Visions: It is important for an organization to have a shared vision because it gives a purpose for existence to an organization.

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