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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Extreme plastic surgery and the American nature.

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Plastic surgery is considered as one of the fastest developing area in the field of medicine. An increasing number of people have learned to appreciate its benefits although there are many who still believe that this is basically violating the very laws of nature.The first impression is usually that plastic surgery is a means to enhance one’s appearance, prompted by vanity. Joe Rosen, however, advocates what could be considered as the extreme form and objective of plastic surgery, one that does not just deal with man’s physical appearance but also provides him with possibilities of new superhuman capabilities. A debate has been ignited regarding the ethical and cultural implications of Rosen’s concepts. One of the key questions in this regard is whether such ideas are uniquely American or not. It is imperative that the debate on the matter be resolved as it does not only affect the works of Rosen himself. Definitely, such radical concepts in the purpose of plastic surgery also have a profound impact on the American public. A description and explanation of Rosen’s advocacy would be necessary in order to deeply understand its core. Lauren Slater’s article Dr. Daedalus would greatly help in achieving these. In determining the willingness or unwillingness of the American people to embrace the radical concepts of Rosen, it is also necessary to refer to Lewis Lapham’s Who and What is American. …

annels that Americans patronize, such as TV, radio, internet, and even the tradition cultural establishments such as religion and education, these tend to settle in the mindset of the people. This only means that Americans are not basically resistant to changes. Lapham pointed out that “the American citizen or the American family can be construed as a product and that with only a little more time and a little more money for research and development all of us will conform to the preferred images in a commercial for Miller beer.” (46) This means that the American mindset is highly receptive to influences coming from the channels of mass culture. It may take time, effort, and, of course, money before such mindset can be altered according to the objectives of the purveyors but the fact is that the individual will likely conform to the views being promoted. Rosen raised a question that actually challenges the argument that criticizes his work: “why are plastic surgeons dedicated only to restoring our current notions of the conventional, as opposed to letting people explore, if they want, what the possibilities are?” (Slater 316) Rosen believes that plastic surgery should develop further. After all, the American mindset would eventually accept it. As Lapham explained, such premise is definitely correct. However, the American is still a rational individual and he will not just conform to these concepts without weighing the pros and cons. The main determinant that can affect the outcome of one’s analysis would be whether such concepts can bring about practical benefits, whether these can solve certain problems or satisfy some necessities.

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