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Graphics are highly encouraged—they help show the application of the terms.

Use the “Basics” PowerPoint presentation.

You are a marketing consultant who has been hired by a leading consumer brand. Your audience includes sophisticated marketing executives who work on the brand daily, so you do not need to define terms—they know the language of marketing.

The report has a cover page, Table of Contents, Executive Summary, manuscript, and References. The manuscript has 6 to 10 double spaced pages plus graphics (NOTE: Graphics are essential for key issues, so plan to use several. They will equate to 1 to 3 pages, bringing the total manuscript page count to 7 to 13 pages. Please insert the graphics where they are discussed in the document—not at the end of the paper).

You are telling the marketing team of your views about the brand. You are reporting on: (a) key current marketing issues and (b) making 2 to 4 marketing recommendations.

You MUST use at least 8 terms in the “Marketing Basics” presentation. You are invited to use more then these 8 selected terms, but 8 is a minimal requirement. The first time each term is used in the manuscript you should put the word in BOLD (so I can see the terms being used—makes grading easier).

The grading of this project is based on this rubric (one-third grade value for each item):

1.     Clear writing—well organized & use of graphics. This includes quality References written in APA form and the use of sub-heads to organize the document. The paper should have a cover page, a Table of Contents, an Executive Summary, the manuscript, and a References.

2.     Understanding of marketing terms (Terms are used properly and reflect a knowledge about marketing beyond a basic level).

3.     Depth of understanding of the marketing situation for the selected brand (This includes accuracy in analysis of the current situation and creative recommendations that go beyond the obvious).

Brand selection: Select a popular consumer brand. Analyze the brand only for the USA (do not attempt to review the brand on a global basis). Most brands selected are sold in a major shopping center or auto dealership. You are also allowed to select a retailer.

About the two sections in the manuscript:

(a)   Current Marketing Issues. Use the four marketing mix factors plus the target market to explain the current marketplace. You will need to compare the brand to competition [this may be a good place to use POP / POD analysis]. This section of the manuscript will be 2 to 5 pages long.

(b)  Two to Four Recommendations. You need to present the ideas you are proposing in priority order (the most important idea is presented first). The ideas could relate to many issues, such as changes in: pricing, product line, distribution, advertising message, advertising vehicles, packaging, spokesperson, new target market, tie-in programs with other brands, etc. For each ‘reco’ you should name the concept, provide what the project is designed to accomplish, and provide a few operational details. This section of the manuscript will be 2 to 5 pages long. 

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