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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Reducing Risk in Patient Falls through Scheduled Rounds.

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1. What three database(s) in the CCN library best address your research question (CINAHL, Cochrane, Medline, ERIC, (others. i.e. what subject heading would you use to perform your search)? The best databases that address the current research questions are Medline and CINAHL. The best subject option to use in undertaking the search would be “reducing risk in patient falls through scheduled rounds”. 2. How can you focus or expand the search if initial search results are not satisfactory? The search will be focused or expanded to include variables such as patients in acute care and rapid response of nurses to call lights. 3. Describe ways you might refine your general search to reduce the number of results from your search. Can you use the EBSCO subject headings? What about the advanced search option using Boolean limiters such as AND. Once you have a reasonable number of relevant search results (10-30) what final limiters will, you set to reduce the search results further (i.e., English language limiter, age limiters, publication year limiters, peer-reviewedjournallimiter, and/or human subject limiter)? Two most outstanding search reduction models that shall be employed are the publication year limiter and peer reviewed journal limiter. This is because as far as the issue of risk involved in patient falls are concerned, new researches are conducted by the day that tend to disprove existing facts. For this reason, it is always important to deal with the most current researches. Moreover, peer reviewed journals are more justifiable and valid in the face of undertaking academic research of this nature. Literature Review Portion of the Worksheet Your Name: Date: Your Instructor’s Name: Purpose: To find evidence to support an intervention that will change the outcomes. Directions: Type your search question below. Find AT LEAST SIX (6) studies to support the need for change and the potential intervention you have selected to solve the problem. Using the table below, insert and describe your six chosen research articles. Search Question: Reducing risk in patient falls through scheduled rounds APA Reference for Article Give the APA-formatted reference for the article. Check your APA manual (Chapter 7) for correct reference format. Built in APA formats and library citations may not be in the correct format. Peer Reviewed Identify whether it is peer reviewed or not Brief Description of Research Address the question regarding how does the information in the article apply to the project problem or proposed intervention. Summarize in your own words. Type of Research Indicate if the article describes qualitative research, quantitative research, a systematic review, a meta-analysis, or expert opinion. Discuss why this type of research is significant to the project. Study Outcomes/ Recommendations Describe if the study sample is large and global enough so that conclusions can be generalized to other populations. Can you take the study recommendations and use them as a guide? Is there a research tool you can use? 1 Bursell A. L, Ketelsen L.

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