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This makes the mode of placing orders to the making of payment to be secure as compared to the use of telephones in performing the transactions. Goyard associates with the aristocrats and elite in society who have more money to spend and do less to continue earning a decent living. This defies the Maslow pyramid in which luxury brands to the wealthy has evolved into a necessity (King 2009, pp. 3). For instance, a high number of those placing orders in Goyard stores such as Barneys New York tend to be celebrities in which the current world and entertainment industry view them as the trendsetters for fashion. Most of these orders are hand-made from the workshops in France making the orders to be as per a clients’ specification. On the other hand, Goyard also manufactures wallets, totes, and handbags that target men, women, that are luxury conscious because of the strictness attached to the making of the products. The trunks also attract specification applications in which a trunk maker may design one by working with the specifications given to them for particular trunks meaning that they tend to be different from each other. Goyard has for a long time made use of the serial number and initial placement of the trunks designs, which makes it easy to trace the specific customer orders. Jean Michal Signoles came up with this tracking system when he took up operations at the helm of Goyard where the trunk makers register the serial numbers in the manufacturing resister that is helpful when there is the need to repair the sold goods. As per the company records, the company has at least twenty trunk makers working in Goyard workshops that specialize in sided luggage and made-to-order…

Goyard Company began operations in 1792 as a family business and maintained its engagement with its customer base to date. The company’s range of products includes trunks, pet accessories, and an assortment of other leather products while its main client base consists of royalty and celebrities p.Goyard products are luxury brands meaning that the production of its products for sale may be through the placement of orders and not on shop sales. Under the guidance of Morel Maison, Goyard mainly dealt in the production of leather trunks for the Duchess of Berry hence making his products to serve royalty. y.The only criteria that Goyard customers use in making purchase is via email and not on any other avenue. Over the years, many have reported cases of making purchases of fake Goyard products hence losing a lot of money through unscrupulous businesspersons. Unlike other businesses that make sales online through trading websites, Goyard does its online sales in a discrete manner and allows registered customers to make inquiries regarding the products that they may have for sale. Other details communicated through this medium are the shipping details and the cost for the products hence making any other source of information delivery channel to be unreliable. Goyard also uses a remarkable policy as it makes replies to emails directly from its Paris headquarters through one of its staff members.

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