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On the other hand, the adoption of online services and programs has not only improved academic life in many higher education institutions but has also reduced administrative requirements as well as streamlined student registration processes. Computers and telecommunications are some of the key technologies that continue to reshape higher education. For example the rapid advances in social media, internet, CDROMs and computerized simulations have significantly affected the current learning operations in many institutions of higher learning. Generally some of the technological devices that are increasingly playing an important role in higher educational institutions include computers, phones and other sophisticated machines that all are aimed at improving human life. Although technology has largely brought transformational benefits to many institutions of higher learning, it has also resulted in new challenges some of which include disruptive innovations, high costs and other operational challenges (Alic, 1997, p.88). Many educationists concur that the adoption of technology is an expensive process that often come with increased budgetary allocation as well as the need for time and new learning methods. Despite some of the challenges that hinder the adoption of new technologies in higher education institutions, technology will continue playing a significant role in the future of higher education particularly in the improvement of teaching methodologies, administration and academic experience. This paper critically examines the future role of technology in the institutions of higher learning and how these roles will alter learning, pedagogical and teaching methodologies. Transformative nature of technology on the future higher education learning In many higher education institutions, the use of new technologies continue transform classroom experience by enabling multi modal learning and teaching as well as enhancing the availability and use of a diverse range of online research materials and collaborations. Technological devices such as computers, mobile phones, I pads and tablets, are increasingly being used in schools as important aids in teaching, learning, and communication as well as in the day to day administrative functions. Additionally online tools for academic research collaborations will significantly contribute towards the improvement of academic research in many educational institutions (Mendenhall, 2011, p.24). Learning technological innovations such as the development of learning management software have also profoundly improved academic experience and are likely to continue playing a crucial role in the delivery of academic content. Similarly emerging technologies such as Cloud computing are also likely be adopted by higher education institutions in the future to improve their data storage. For example, the use of huge data stores offered by cloud computing will not only improve the computing performance but will also help many higher education institutions to enhance the security of data research, academic and administrative data.

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