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Thus, they share various similar health problems and both have short life-cycles which makes it easy to study the whole life-span all along or even across quite a few generations. Moreover, scientists can also control the environment around the animals very easily such as through control diet, temperature or lighting, etc., which may be very difficult to do with humans. Though, the main reason why humans are not used to expose to these sorts of experiments is because it is easier to expose animals to health risks for observations of any disease or disorder.

Animal experiments (also known as vivisection) are defined in the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 as any scientific procedures performed on a living animal likely to cause them “pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm.” At present, the Act defines an animal as any animal with a backbone. plus the octopus.

The approximated number of animals used for experimenting is almost 180 million every year worldwide. Though not every country keeps an estimate. in theUSA, for example, 80% of animals like birds, rats and mice used for research purposes are not included in official figures at all (Dr. Hadwen Trust, 2009).

There are two things for which scientists use animals. one is for medical research and the other type …

(Dr. Hadwen Trust, 2009).

Clinical research is also an important type of research which is basically conducted on humans but it always requires preliminary test result after the completion of animal research studies.

Researchers use animals for extensive purposes which involve poisoning. disease infection. wound infliction. use of skin or eye irritants. food, water or sleep deprivation. subjection to mental stress. brain injury. paralysis. surgical disfigurement. induced organ malfunction. genetic modification and associated physical deformity. burning. and electric shocks.

Medical Research with Animal Saves Lives (National Institute of Health, 2006)

Animal Model

Medical Benefit for People


Discovery of insulin


Polio vaccine


Rabies vaccine


Skin grafts for burn victims


Computer-assisted tomography (CAT) scans


Corneal transplants


Carcinogen screening

Around the world there are many organizations which are working day and night to understand the human diseases and knowledge. They are using animals extensively for studying the animal as well as human diseases.

Although the results from animal research are essential for increasing our knowledge about health and disease in both animals and humans. determining cell and organ function helps researchers design experiments to test new treatments in people as it is similar in all vertebrates.

Animals do suffer during the experiment and there are UK laws which define the pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm in Scientific Procedures Act 1986. Still, animals are also capable of enduring physical as well as psychological harms including fear, depression or boredom.

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