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Need an argumentative essay on Massage Therapy for Children with Down Syndrome. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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In application to motor skills of hands and fingers, there is active involvement of other parts of the body in children including the brain. The abilities that involve the use of hands develop over time, starting with primitive gestures such as grabbing at objects to more precise activities demands precise hand-eye coordination. Such skills primarily involve a refined use of the small muscles controlling the hand, fingers, and thumb. The development of these skills allows one to be able to complete tasks such as writing, drawing, and buttoning.

The claim of the author in “Children with Down syndrome improved in motor functioning and muscle tone following massage therapy” have solid basis based on empirical evidences and a pilot project to bring the findings home positively. The gist of the book dealt with Early Childhood and Care yields adequate supports in the education and health care industry. The outcome of this pilot practice oriented research are nonetheless inspiring which suggest that when added to an Early Intervention program, massage therapy may enhance motor functioning and limb muscle tone for young children with Down syndrome. This significant motor functioning and muscle strength are pivotal for achieving postural, manipulative and locomotors milestones. It is closely observed that attenuating motor functioning delays may in turn contribute to increased self-esteem in school-aged children with Down syndrome. The author with his ambitious team believe that if future research supports the massage benefits, then massage would be a focal point as an adjunct to Early Intervention services for therapists, teachers and parents to learn and incorporate in the daily routine of children with disabilities.


The pedagogical work of accurate scientific observation, experiment and finding through the project ” message therapy.” establishes the fact that physiological attention to the cognitive growth help the child of special need enormously. The experiment brings the idea home that right nurturing of kids leads a better yield in terms of mental and physical abilities in children. According to Essa, E., Young, R. &amp. Lehne, L., ‘Introduction to Early Childhood Education’, 2nd Ed.1998, during the infant and toddler years, children develop basic grasping and manipulation skills, which are refined during the preschool years. The preschooler becomes quite adept in self-help, construction, holding grips, and bimanual control tasks requiring the use of both hands. When the child enters middle childhood, they make great progress in their artistic abilities. They begin to express themselves through drawing, sculpting, and clay modeling. Empirical evidences suggest that massage therapy works wonder on children if carried out according to pediatric guidelines. Down syndrome, a genetic condition affecting one in about 800 children born in the western countries characteristically confines cognitive deficits (Nichols et al., 2003. Seung &amp. Chapman, 2004), speech problems (Kennedy &amp. Flynn, 2002.

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