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Compose a 2000 words essay on Review and Critical Evaluation of the Concept of Inter-Agency and Partnership Working within United Kingdom Children Services. Needs to be plagiarism free!

In order to effectively participate in the cause, the government clearly states that coordinated and collaborative working is essential for substantial contribution to the cause. Thus, a relevant source from the government stated that multi-agency training is essentially helpful to professionals to identify their respective duties and responsibilities. Furthermore, the training will enable individuals as well as organisations to determine the procedures involved in safeguarding the children (Patsios &amp. Carpenter, 2010). The Child Protection Act has been introduced after the suspicious death of a child named Maria Colwell which evaluated the lack of coordination between the service providers and professionals. Initially, local authorities have been established for protecting the children however, in the later years the government focussed on developing new concepts that provided enhanced safeguarding to the children. The modern concept emphasised more on inter-agency collaboration in order to prevent and promote healthy well-being (Patsios &amp. Carpenter, 2010). Review of the Current Scenario The government of the UK ensures that all children should get equal opportunities to accomplish their optimum level. In this context, the government wants children to be as much physically and mentally fit as possible. It has also ensured that children achieve the optimum benefits of education provided by quality educational institutions. The government has further ensured that the children of the country live in a safe and healthy environment and experience emotional well-being. Moreover, the children must stay in a social environment surrounded with people who love, care and expresses affection towards them. The government also wants children to become competent enough for looking after themselves and coping up with the activities related to daily living. Most importantly, the government wants the children to possess positive images about themselves and have a sense of identity involving cultural and racial identity. Moreover, it wants to ensure the children to develop efficient inter-personal skills and confidence required in social environment. Thus, the children who are devoid from these fundamental opportunities are likely to get excluded from the society in the early adulthood. In certain cases, the parents of children are both engaged in service due to which children do not receive the appropriate process of growing up. They lack the sufficient love, care and affection from their parents which are significant in the younger days (Crown, 1999). In order to protect children from the dangerous hazards of exploitation, the government has introduced services of working together which will provide support to children and their families who might be under stress for not being able to meet the requirements of their child. Furthermore, the support from these agencies will ensure parents to strengthen their capacity and respond effectively to the needs of their children before these issues develop into serious matter of concerns.

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