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Write 3 page essay on the topic A Critical Examination of the Digital Marketing Communication Strategies : The Case of ASOS.

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Many people have full information on the products that are retailed in these stores. However, the actual sales recorded in the retailer do not reflect this picture. The actual sales are dwindling while the popularity of the retailer is top notch. The third global factor affecting online marketing and communication is that of business agreement (Jobber, 2012:455). Business agreement varies from one country to another depending on the rules of negotiation. Therefore, the global and digital marketing is affected as there is absence of universal business agreements. According to observation made on global marketing, it is admissible that many people access a wide range of products over the internet. Digital marketing, on the other hand, has influenced the popularity of products, which has steadily increased the demand. However, according to research businesses have to continue developing creative strategies in changing the digital marketing concepts. They have to keep restructuring their approach to attract a wider market. This is by changing their content analysis and the way they market the product. With such strategies it is possible to make a huge impact in the market. Research shows that digital marketing is an effective way of attracting a large pool of consumers with minimal resources. This is by the use of pull and push methods of marketing. In regard to pull method in digital marketing a consumer constantly looks for the content of the goods that are marketed by email and web feeders. This attracts the attention of the consumers as they are connected to the product they need. On the other hand, push marketing is where marketers initiate the process by sending content to the market. This is mostly…

This has been made simpler with home delivery approaches incepted in businesses. Secondly, there has been an increased penetration of the electronic money transfer. Consumers have appreciated the handling soft cash and transferring it to various service providers: This is convenient, easy and secure. However, there are some emerging issues with the prevalence of digital marketing and online businesses. The first ethical issue is swindling of cash and online crimes. Many people have lost their cash to fraudulent businesses as the products are not delivered. Secondly, businesses are considered monopolies as they take all the business processes from shipment, transport and deliveries. This renders some people jobless as their work has been taken by other businesses that trade online. Thirdly, pricing issues have emerging with different businesses offering competitive prices (Jobber, 2012:411). As such, businesses that enjoy economies of scale offer products at relatively low prices. On the other hand, market entrants find it difficult to cope with the low pricing as their production overheads are high: In the end, they are pushed out of the market. This does not display a fair market where there are no barriers to entry. Similarly, the environment and economy is an issue that has emerged with the prevalence of online marketing and online selling.

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