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Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Management styles, business ethics & the legal environment of business.

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A manager could not have all these qualities at the onset but should be developed and honed as experience requires. 3. Managers all have different styles of managing. Yes, I believe that managers have different styles of managing and leading depending on different factors: the personality of the manager, the personalities of the subordinates and the situation at hand. Managers could therefore be autocratic, democratic, free-rein depending on these factors and situation. 4. What management style(s) is/are most effective? There is not one effective management style. As emphasized by Martires (181), management or “leadership style should fit the situation where it is applied. Leaders must consider various organizational factors such as the nature of the task, the amount of authority, and group support to determine which style to adopt”. 5. What management style do/would you practice? In this regard, as a potential manager for UPC, I intent to practice the situational model where the style of managing would depend on the people I would be working with and on the situation. 6. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a manager. The advantages of becoming a manager are: (1) being instrumental in transforming the organization and the people from where the organization currently is to where it plans to achieve. (2) being accorded the opportunity to develop potentials in people. (3) assuming different roles such as directing, coaching, supporting, and delegating. (4) bridging the gap as the middle person between higher management and subordinates. and (5) assuming a form of power in the organization to influence the behavior of others to bring about desired results. On the other hand, the disadvantages are: (1) being the person to blame in times of organizational errors or deviations from goals. (2) expectations are usually generally high in terms of ability to generate positive results and outputs. and (3) accountability for people under one’s jurisdiction. 7. How does the size of the business impact the roles &amp. responsibilities of managers? The size of the business significantly affects the roles and responsibilities of managers. For large organizations, for examples, there are more managers assigned in different departments to conform to specific functions: marketing, human resources, operations, finance, among others. In smaller organizations, sometimes, there is a need for only one manager who is expected to assume the tasks and responsibilities for all functions (finance, marketing, human resources) depending on the number of people being managed, the products or services, and the target markets. While doing your research for the management position you run across a memo that confirms that several people who got the vaccine became ill. One of them required hospitalization for two weeks. Medical experts believe the vaccine was the cause of their illnesses. 8. Should you say anything about the memo during your interview? As a prospective manager, one is expected to be transparent in all undertakings that affect crucial aspects of the organization’s operations.

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