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Need an argumentative essay on Outline and critically evaluate theories of globalisation in communications. Needs to be 13 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Globalization is associated with new expertise such as use of internet, communication and cultural exchange across diverse continents and areas and has led to increase in international trade, international capital flow, flow of information, cultural exchange and international movement of labor (Fischer 2003, P3). Though globalization has been given varying definitions as well as its impacts across various disciplines such sociology, economics, political and cultural, there is a common acknowledgement of development of information and communication technology as a major contributor to globalization. Therefore communication is a major element of globalization (McAnany 2002, P 3). Globalization has led to emergency of global markets that has both negative and positive effects on people in regards to their occupation, spiritual values, and personality. The theory of globalization is wide and therefore it interpretation has several effects on understanding of globalization and can be subdivided into several theories with universal focus to social analysis and changes (El-Ojeili and Hayden 2006, P.2). This paper will outline and critically evaluate theories of globalization in communications. Theories of Globalization There are different theories in regard to globalization but most of them are based on a common viewpoint, worldwide associations and pattern (Ardalan 2012, P. 94). Previously definitions on globalization suggested that it is a continues process that have existed from long time ago as people travelled to different areas to trade to the current state of globalization where trade barrier has been minimized with free movement of labor and capital across nations. In recent times globalization has been expanded to include economic, cultural and political theories. Globalization has been associated with development of information and communication technology and there communication is an important factor of globalization. Each theory can be explaining under different consideration depending on the current situation and discipline of study but all theories depend and interact with the other theories and therefore the theories of globalization will be discussed as follows for easy understanding: World economical theory World political theory World cultural theory World communication theory World economical theory People around the world have interacted over a long period for trade and globalization has been associated with the spread of capitalism and trade in the globe (Robinson 2007, P 125). Growth and development of contemporary world economy has been associated with traditional European trade that have evolved and expanded over time to the whole world due to global market, multinational companies, international borrowing and lending, international trade organization, environmental regulatory bodies and communication technologies that connect people across the continents. European economy developed in sixteenth and seventh centuries and later started venturing into other parts due to development of technology and this later grew to world trade (Lechner 2001).

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