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Write 5 page essay on the topic Blueprint for Professional and Personal Growth.

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The reason this is so is that the individual employees will know their left from their right, and have their competences well developed to deliver the best of service. It is expected that the new understanding that has been gained will go a long way to contribute to the productivity levels of the organization because a new era that gets the best out of employees will be developed. As far as the way I thought of the manager’s role is concerned, I can clearly stay that I have developed a new understanding that makes me realize that the manager’s role is more of a shared responsibility rather than a one man show. Before the course, I used to have this thinking, I believe must best be described as a misconception. This is because I used to think that managers were lords over their employees and only dictated for their employees to follow. With the content and assignments however, there has been a new realization that managers function best if they would do so in collaboration with their employees. whiles empowering the employees to be at their best competence levels. I have also come to know of the manager as a facilitator of change rather than an implementer of change. Having come to develop the kind of new understanding I have about managers, my goals for my organization have tremendously been influenced. Earlier, most of my goals were self centered and focused on way in which I could make myself better as a manager. What is more, I focused the human development roles within the organization around only few people within the organization. For now, my goals have changed towards the development of personal goals of all people within the organization. My goals are now focused on the larger development of all people within the organization, knowing that their development will lead to the total development of the organization. Their personal developments would also make my own work as a manager much easier. Strategy for Professional and Personal Life Earlier in the course, I had made a personal sentence to “support others for the collective success of the organization”. Having come this far with the course and with specific inspiration from the article of Christensen (2010), I find the need to develop a strategy that will aid in my professional and personal life. The first component of the strategy has to do with ways of ensuring that I am happy in my career and become the manager I aspire to be. Christensen (2010) admonishes the need for output to match expected input in order for any manager to be happy with his position. This is to say that the efforts that the manager puts into the service delivery at the organization must be promising enough to bring enhanced productivity. In relation to my sentence, I will ensure this by putting in place motivational factors that urge my workforce to give off their best. Once the employees gain satisfaction, there are most likely to give off their best and ensure productivity, which would in turn bring me joy as succeeding in my position. Whiles putting these structures in place within the organization, it will be very important not to neglect or abandon my social responsibilities, especially as a family person.

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