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The said disorder is associated with inflammation of the toe thus a person who experience this is expected to feel extreme pain.

Furthermore, (2006) pointed out that “big toe (the hallux) that is bent outward (valgus) so it overlaps the 2nd toe. A bunion is a localized painful swelling at the base of the big toe that can accompany hallux valgus. It is frequently associated with inflammation. It can be related to inflammation of the nearby bursa (bursitis) or degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis).” Therefore, in order to prevent related complications, it is vital to know why the said disorder is present to Mrs A. To add to that, determining the treatment in line with the patient’s capacity to withstand the process is vital in order to protect the health of the patient and to develop the favourable outcome with regards to the treatment process. It is anticipated that bones grow on toes of the patient which can be attributed to the immobility of the patient.

After determining the definition and the root cause of the problem, then diagnosis must follow. Here, the practitioner must take note vital steps and information that must be done in order to create and be able to determine the next step of treatment. Hallux Abductovalgus diagnosis is conducted by determining the history and physical exam of the patient including a lower extremity exam, subjective and objective findings with regards to their discrepancies, radiological evaluation and other diagnostic procedures ( 2006). In diagnosis, determining the history of the patient is vital to determine if such a condition is due to hereditary or driven by other factors. History may include general medical history, surgical, family and social history that may be vital in determining as to whether one of these aspects is the reason on why the patient is suffering such a condition. This kind of diagnosis would involve the geaealogy and lifestyle of Mrs A and relate it to his present condition.

Also, in diagnosis, it is very important to consider that several medical examinations are vital to further determine the treatment of the disorder. “With a hallux abductovalgus deformity the great toe may or may not be deviated laterally. Hallux abductovalgus may be caused by biomechanical abnormalities that may lead to dysfunction in the first ray. There are numerous conditions associated with hallux abductovalgus, and sometimes it is necessary to treat these associated conditions while treating the hallux abductovalgus deformity ( 2006)” Therefore, if biochemical abnormalities are present it is vital to know the chemical set-up of the body of the patient particularly in the lower area and it is vital to have series of several medical examination that would track to origin of the abnormality. The aforementioned website also includes procedures such as “Radiological examination: X-rays must be taken. They may be used to

Case Based Assignment 3

evaluate the type of deformity: soft tissue, osseous position deformity, structure deformity, joint destruction, sesamoid position. X-rays may be weight bearing, partial weight bearing, or non-

weight bearing.

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