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Hi, I need help with essay on Direct Marketing Communications Campaign in Easy Jet. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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Internal communication in an organization is the stepping stone that enables a cordial communication between the company and the outsiders. (Littlejohn, 2002, P. 30)

A communication campaign is a well defined communication strategy that helps an organization to communicate with the customers. It is a strategy for internal and external communication within the organization. A communication campaign represents well arranged interacted strategies which are aimed at delivering a certain message to the customers and which is important for effective relationship in an organization. (Werner 1998, P. 72)

There are various communication campaigns that are used in the market by different organization. An organization can use one specific communication campaign or it can integrate number of campaigns with an aim of delivering its core message home to the target audience. The kind of communication campaign that is used by a company depends on the target audience and the kind of message that an organization wants to deliver. (Dempsey 1997, P. 7)

In this paper we will be reviewing how easyJet, which is one of the prosperous low cost airline in the UK has been using internet tools as direct marketing communication campaign in the market. We will review what the company has achieved and review the areas that it needs to improve.

The company was founded by Sir Stelios Haji-loa…

The Airline is based at Hangar 89 which is a bright orange building next to the taxiway at Luton airport. This represent the simplicity way that the company has been using for its operation which is not only reflected in it headquarter but also in the pricing strategies that that company has adopted.

Since it was started the company has been keeping the policy of low cost operation and has been eliminating unnecessary cost and frills which has been characterizing the traditional airlines. This has been achieved through a number of ways. One of those ways has been the maximization in the utilization of the substantial assets which has reduced the unit cost of the airline. It has also taken the policy of not providing free lunch on the airport. It has kept to the efficient use of the airports. But its main source of success in keeping the cost of operation low has been the policies that the company has taken towards the use of internet and paperless operations which have been enabled by the direct marketing campaign through the use of internet tool. (, 2008b)

Use of internet communication campaign in EasyJet

Easy jet was one of the first airlines in the UK to embrace the use of the internet when sold the seat online in 1998. Since then the company has not looked backward in its internet campaign and currently online marketing accounts for more than 95% of all its sales. This makes the company to the one of the leading internet retailers in the Europe.

EasyJet has become one of the leading airlines in Europe which have banked on the use of the internet for their success. The company has adopted an e-commerce strategy which has been the main tool of communication with the consumers.

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