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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Fashion and Consumers.

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The essay “Fashion and Consumers” analyzes fashion and consumerism. The rules were established at the end of the eighteenth century: coat, trousers and vest, designed and constructed to produce a uniformly ideal silhouette and image for any man. A slightly wider lapel here, a fractionally narrower trouser leg there, is as much as most of us are willing to tolerate” (Boyer). From there, consumers influences the market of fashion because of their interest and needs during a period of time. decisions because it is as set of symbols and artifacts created by a society and handed down from generation to generation. From there, customer segmentation is important understanding consumer behavior so that marketers can know what they need to appeal to each consumer’s social class. Since customer segmentation is at the root of CRM, each business that performs CRM is ready to address the bigger question of deploying unique messages to the right customer at the right time. The booming CRM industry has provided the in-depth customer data that is vital for successful direct mail campaigns and integrated channel strategies focused on keeping and growing profitable customers. Data can become customer insight. Customer insight can become action. Action can grow the value of customer base and grow net income. Unlike women’s hemlines, which seem to go from here to there in a blink, more than a half-inch taken or given anywhere in a man’s wardrobe constitutes a revolution. The general thrust in menswear. since the beginning of the twentieth century has been to make the basic suit more comfortable: lighter-weight fabrics and construction techniques have reduced stiffness, heaviness and constriction. Men’s tailoring today is positively airy compared to what it was before mid-century (Boyer).

Social classes

From there, social classes are likely to respond differently to a sellers marketing program. However, there are other situational factors that encourages consumers to purchase organic food such as store location and personal preference. Due to this fact, marketers may need to design marketing programs tailored to specific social classes so that that they can be more successful in understanding their customers needs without making mistakes.

Customers have the ability to make a choice about what they want to purchase. Customers want excellent service from the companies that they patron and they want competitive pricing. This may appear to them that the company is weakening or is inconsistent. By communicating goals and strategy early on, the organization pays respect to customers and employees, and deals openly with uncertainty and doubt. (Baron, A. p. 13, 2006).

Customer trends

Customer trends change and so does their choices, which means people are generally tired of the same brands that they had been using over the years. When they do not see the expected innovation they migrate to new brands. With that, maintaining the standards of such a huge chain becomes feasible. However, when there is lack of quality service in one store it affects the whole brand.

In order to overcome the issues, marketers of organic food need to consider group thinking and conformity so that everyone can work together.

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