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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Channel Design plan.

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A good channel distribution plan identifies the market segment that the products target, the preferences of the target customers, various market conditions and describes the appropriate structures that ought to be put in place so as to ensure efficient distribution of goods and services (John, 2002). Channel design planning enables products to grow from obscurity to become internationally recognized brands. This has made channel design planning one of the most demanded strategies in marketing in the contemporary world. The main essence of marketing channels is about making products and services available to consumers conveniently when, where and how they need them. A distribution channel entails a lot of strategies, most of which the consumer is not aware about because the consumer is only interested in getting the final product (Louis and David, 2000). The channels consist of very complex and dynamic systems which include distribution centers, technologies and strategies that are all aimed at ensuring the customers can access the products and service more conveniently. This plan will focus on creating a channel design for my new business dealing in interior design. This is a new business that I have set up by establishing an interior design company. In this company I intend to create decor products for homes and sell the same on the website of my company. I also intend to offer a wide range of services relating to interior design. There is already an existing market for interior design with few companies already existing I the industry. The problem however is that the distribution channel is not well designed. Having my own channel design plan will make my business stand out and benefit more from because it will be much easier for me to get my services and other products to the target customers. I decided to take my company to the internet because this is turning to be one of the easiest ways to get products to consumers. More and more consumers are becoming aware of buying goods from the internet making e-commerce one of the most popular business transactions. By selling my products on the internet I will be reaching out to consumers directly without the need of going through traditional middle men in the supply chain. This will make my products cheaper and attractive to my target consumers. A detailed analysis of the design plan is as shown below. The Market to be targeted by the new business Interior design is an emerging field that is gaining ground with a few established companies already offering their services to consumers. My new business hopes to grow quickly and become one of the leading businesses in the industry. In order to achieve this, it is important to identify my target consumers so as to be aware of the market segment that the business will be focusing on. The main consumers in the interior design industry include the real estate investors, home owners, event planners among others. There is a huge demand for decor materials, interior design advice among other services. Given this huge market the industry has, my business will only focus on events planners as the primary market segment. These events planner include planners of wedding receptions, birthday parties and other gatherings that need decor products.

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