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The Professional Standard Committee regularly reviews the RPC to ensure the timely change required in the changing environment of Canada in the workplace. The RPC has eight functional elements which apply to the academic along with experiential knowledge. The academic knowledge is based on the policies, privileges and accountabilities of the labor as well as the management, training development and human rights along with payments. Conversely, the experimental knowledge is based on wisdom acquired from the academic knowledge. Experimental knowledge incorporates the ethical issues, which enables to deal with the high profile people strategically. The RPC for the purpose of staffing in Canada deals with identifying the potential sources of candidates to support the organization’s strategic directions. The purpose of staffing is to attract competent candidates and to evaluate the effectiveness of recruiting by following the benchmarking techniques and analytical tools. Analyzing the areas for the selection and establishing the screening–assessment procedure are also key constituents of staffing. It also entails establishing the procedure for appointment based on the various concepts such as past experience and testing techniques. The subsequent step relates to developing contracts for employment following the norms of the organization wherein any misconduct might lead to termination. Furthermore, developing strategy for maintaining and protecting assets of the company is ensured by preserving the dignity of the employees. (Human Resource Professional of Newfoundland &amp. Labrador, n.d. Catano et al., 2009). Question 2 The preparation of annual report of an organization on the basis of the recruitment and selection depends on various functional aspects. The purpose of the annual report is to exhibit the efficiency and effectiveness of the functions. The purpose of the recruitment and selection process is to absorb the right person for the right position in accordance with the skills required. The reputation of the company depends on the employees of the organization. Thus, emphasizing the importance of selection and recruitment is important. It is one of the guiding values, which adds to the success of the company. The transparency in the activities of the employees adds value to the organization. Adoption of a fair approach for selection and employing the best candidates for the right job are the key values followed by the organization. The importance of the R&amp.S process depends largely on the perception of the person and self-evaluation of the person (Rees &amp. French, 2010). The annual report will largely focus on the key aspects for attracting and recruiting staff in the organization. These strategic approaches are implemented for the purpose of R&amp.S. The ability of the qualified candidates in ensuring the achievement of the company objective through their strategic decisions is valued and estimated through the annual report. The growing needs of the organization in accordance with the policies and practices are also valued and evaluated all through the year to judge the effectiveness of the R&amp.S process.

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