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Write a 12 page essay on Total Economic Value of a Public Park.

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Though it is a short project, but I had to be careful in case of collecting information and applying them properly. My lack of knowledge and shortage of information were great limitations for this work, but the Park authority helped me very much by providing disc losable information. But they didn’t disclose some confidential information, which is part of their business policy. I am very grateful to our instructor who has given me the opportunity to do the project that has enriched my knowledge, skills, and practical experiences on a mentionable place of a distinctive country.


Perth City is Western Australia’s central business district. Kings Park is located on the western edge of Perth. It is a 4.06 square kilometers (1003 acre) park having mixture of:

Grassed parkland.

Botanical gardens and

Natural bush land on Mount Eliza.

The streets of Kings Park are another symbol of peace. They are lined with individual plaques. The plaques are dedicated by Western Australian Service men and women’s family members, who died in World War I and World War II. Other than the tourist facilities and attractive sites, Kings Park also has:

The State War Memorial.

The Royal Kings Park Tennis club and

A reservoir.

Basically, it is assumed that the Kings Park is one of the profitable Parks in Western Australia. Because according to specialists, the places, which are situated in the centre of countries or districts, are more or less seem to be profitable. Kings Park is sort of that, but in some cases it could be better.


Officially the Kings Park was opened on 10 August of 1895. At the beginning, it was named Perth Park. People believe that the name was like…

Officially the Kings Park was opened on 10 August of 1895. At the beginning, it was named Perth Park. People believe that the name was like that by its district where it is situated. In 1901, it was renamed as Kings Park to mark the concurrence of King Edward VII and the visit to Perth of George to the British throne. May Drive, one of the major roads, was named in the Princess’s honor. Kings Park’s this kind of honor is rare in Park’s history. For this reason it gained and still now gaining fame and likings of people.New York’s Central Park is smaller than Kings Park in size. Though New York’s Central Park seems to be bigger than Kings Park, but actually it doesn’t. No park was designated for public use in Australia before this one (in 1872). Australia’s largest wildflower show and exhibition take place in Kings Park during September to October of each year. In Australia, rarely any park has this kind of arrangements for public entertainment. By identifying the land to set aside for public, General John Septimus Roe (colony’s first surveyor) recognized the qualities of the area and tried to protect it from any kind of disasters. Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority does not work under any Local Government sector. Since 1999, Kings Park has been administered by that authority. They also administer Bold Park. The administration building of Kings Park provides the options where the visitors can book guided walking tours, gather information, or reserve one of the facilities.

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