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Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Marketing Services of Damia Spa.

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The health facility embraces the people from this wide and diversified culture all interested in harmony of Singapore (Damai Spa Singapore n.d.). Damai symbolizes the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of these various cultures as practiced in Singapore. Numerous services are offered at the Damia Spa. The Spa treatment offers customers services that are beyond their expectations and that they would enjoy. The naturally beautiful and serene environment ensures that the patients enjoy their stay in the Spa. Damai Spa offers treatments that are based on the different healing philosophies (Damai Spa Singapore n.d.). This makes the patient get customized treatment and services depending on their traditional beliefs and practices. The traditional Chinese medicine ensures balancing by unblocking the vital energy. The Malay Jamu philosophy heals by the use of herbal and natural well being. Moreover, the European spa therapy energies the body connection while the Indian ayurveda purifies and detoxify the body (Zeithaml &amp. Mary, 1996). When customers attend treatment at Damai Spa, they are guaranteed other supplementary services. These include the provision of a robes and scandals for comfort. Secured lockers will make the patients keep safe their personal belonging even though the management is not responsible for the losses (Damai Spa Singapore n.d.). The Spa further prohibits smoking and drinking in the premises to ensure patients enjoy tranquility and peace. In addition, the spa etiquette enables the patients to shower before body checks and Damai Spa has the fitness center that is geared towards wellness enthusiasts while looking for innovative ways that restores balance in the lives and for total rejuvenation. The fitness center includes yoga, bollywood, capoiera and hip hop dance. All these enables the customers to engage in fat burning, strengthening exercise and provides professional advice on nutritional and healthy lifestyle. To supplement the fitness center, recreational facilities like swimming pool, studio, badminton courts, and oasis poolside restaurant are available (Damai Spa Singapore n.d.). The marketing of services requires customization of services and this explains why the wellness center offers attention to each member (Vedulla, 2005). Special fees charged attracts customers and affordable to the members. The technology wellness key is easy to use by the members and stores data that is communicated to the gym equipment. The key can also guide the members through each exercise hence a training strength. In addition, Damai Spa salon services provide a variety of services. These include hair cut, hair color, shine lights, and hair permitting and hair treatment at affordable rates. This wide variety ofi services makes customers have selection choice and therefore enhancing their satisfaction. The services are charged at different rates, which make the spa serve various classes of people. The salons are situated in natural and serene environments that ensure comfort and satisfaction. In all the categories of services that are provided, Damai considers the diverse nature of people’s values, customs, and rituals. These diversities are blended in a manner that ensures harmony of the four-wellness philosophies.

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