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Hi, need to submit a 4000 words essay on the topic Professional Issues in Mental Health Nursing and my Readiness for Addressing them as a Registered Nurse.

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Further she had prior to visiting the facility felt that mentally ill patients were frowned upon even by the nurses and other medical practitioners. She had complained of having problems in sleeping, feeling restless and having low concentration at the workplace for many months. Upon her arrival, she was taken for mental illness examination but the mental illness responsive capacity of the hospital was inadequate. However, her situation was handled and her husband and close family members were counseled against the belief that mental illnesses are superstitiously caused. In the process of treatment, a number of psychiatrists and nurses from other hospitals and the nearby University of Manchester were regularly consulted and the nurses worked hand in hand with us in training and in practice. One low of the treatment was observed when one of the nurses supervising her at night fell asleep several times and often failing to administer drugs. Professional Issues that Emerged: the Extent to which they were Addressed and the Learning Outcome in the Context of Professional Nursing Literature Conceptualization of the Charlene’s Condition, Diagnosis and Treatment Charlene, after observation and examination was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). RLS is one of the most common sleep disorders among the aged and those in the middle age. Overall, this kind of sleep disorder is genetic and Charlene had displayed all its features. The patient feels some tingly sensations that lead to restlessness. Generally, RLS impedes patients sleep often until morning when the condition becomes less severe (Biley, 2010). The symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome are many. They include the feeling of unpleasant condition in the leg. This feeling is usually discomforting and tends to increase when one lies down or when one sits. The discomfort is turned into a relief when one stands up and begins to move about. The pain in the legs many times is however severely experienced in the night when the patient is sleeping and dealing with the problems often staying awake, or moving about when others are sleeping. The patients sleep is indeed often disrupted at night and this is the reason the condition is called Restless Leg Syndrome because the pain normally results to discomfort leading to one moving about. Noteworthy though is the fact that the pain does not always just occur in the legs alone. Instead, the pain can also be experienced in the arms as well, and many times this kind of pain is not easy to explain even though it is much different from muscle cramps (Biley, 2010). Restless Leg Syndrome involves ‘tingling, burning sensation and prickling’(Chaudhri, 2004) One may sometimes feels as if some foreign stuff have gotten into the skin and are crawling in there causing the patient to be jumpy or at least feeling so. All these symptoms and pain are usually a lot more experienced at night when one is less active. Sometimes the symptoms can also subside only to come later with greater motion and intensity (Biley, 2010). The other major symptom experienced by those suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome and which Charlene narrated is the Periodic Limb Movements of Sleep (PLMS).

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