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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Motivation in the Workplace.

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However, it is the role of the business owner to initiate motivation as a means to attain business or corporate goals. Motivation therefore is the impetus or force that drives us to do things this is a result of our individual desires being met so that people have the drive and inspiration to complete the task. These requirements vary from an individual to individual because everybody has their personal needs to motivate themselves (Gary, 2009 p. 29). Depending on how well employees are motivated in the work place, it may determine the effort employees put in the work and thus, increase the standard of the output. Human motivation is an individual characteristic, and not one that fits all options. Most people perceive motivation in terms of high salary this is true because some employees in the work place will be motivated by high salary. However, the wrong reason is that it does meet or satisfy others. This endorses the statement that human motivation is an individual characteristic, and not a one fits all options. The idea of motivation is very essential in business in that it has an effect on the output of business since it concerns quality and quantity. For instance, a business depends heavily on the efficiency of production employees to make sure that goods are produced in large numbers that satisfy the demand of the week. Therefore, if these employees lack motivation to manufacture the goods to meet the demands, then the business faces problems that led to disastrous results. Employee motivation has been listed by business researchers as a key contributor to increased productivity. Every effect or action is normally necessitated by some cause and this is no exceptional to employees’ performance in an organization. What drives people to work is very essential and related to the output of a particular organization. If the employees find satisfaction in the reason for their contribution in an organization, then the outcome of their efforts also improves. Employees with good reasons to work or those motivated to work usually out perform their less motivated counterparts. Aspects listed as good or positive motivation that boost employees performance include, satisfaction as a contributor to an organization’s mission, job security, desire and room for career advancement, employees benefits and wages and enjoyment or passion for work (Bufford, 1990, p. 4). According to Douglas’ theory of motivation of x and y, people in any organization can be managed in two manner. The first way is the negative which he categorizes as x and the other way is the positive side which he categorized as y. Under the category of theory x, employees in the organization have inner dislike of work and that whenever possible, they tend to avoid work. Due to the fact that they hate working, it is the role of the managers and supervisors to force and threaten them with punishment in order to attain organizational goals. In addition, employees would everything to avoid their responsibilities and do not like to be issued with directions to work (Hiriyappa, 2011, p. 59-61). This in turn can affect the business if the manager is not strict. Contrary to theory x, theory y states that mental or physical effort in the work place is as natural as play or rest.

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