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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Report on The Secret of Instant Healing by Dr. Frank Kinslow.

Discussion I chose this book because I have been searching for a book that might help me manage stress and depression, which are conditions for which I have suffered, on and off, for the past few years. The major theme of the book is that pure awareness may be the key to stress reduction and healing. Kinslow initially used an example to illustrate what he means by this – he states that a coiled rope may resemble a snake, and, if the person is not aware that this coiled rope is not a snake, that the person may become paralyzed by fear. Pure awareness needs to be the genesis of thoughts, because, if a thought has to work its way to one’s consciousness, then that thought will probably be disharmonious and negative. The thoughts which are closest to pure awareness also have the most positive energy and order. Kinslow also gives a step-by-step analysis on how to achieve pure awareness, and how to guide thoughts from an area of pure awareness. The first step in experiencing this pure awareness is an exercise where thoughts are stopped. In this exercise, the person is to sit and think and just chase the thoughts where they lead. Then, the person is to ask him or herself where the next thought may come from, and this will necessarily stop the flowing thoughts. The gap between the thoughts are pure awareness, according to Kinslow. A new question, similar to the question about where the thoughts come from, may be asked every fifteen seconds. This gives the person a chance to observe the brief interval between thoughts, and this observation brings down stress levels, increases energy levels and allows the individual to have an easier relationship with others. The next step is to choose a positive word and focus on it. Such words are silence, stillness, calmness, peace, joy, bliss or ecstasy. As the person focuses on that one word, the word will eventually start to move, or get brighter or bigger or louder. The word may also disappear, and, in this space, pure awareness is there. The word may also turn into another word. This technique allegedly bathes one’s “psyche in the healing waters of awareness” (p. 35). These are exercises to get one ready for the main event, which is called Quantum Entrainment (QE). The main ingredient of QE is pure awareness. The successful completion of QE is not only supposed to result in pure awareness, but also eufeelings. Eufeelings is a word that the author uses for feelings which are unconditional, and these are feelings which are manifested from pure awareness. The beginning exercise of QE is becoming aware of every part of one’s body by concentrating on that body part. For instance, one must become aware of one’s big toe, so this big toe is what is focused upon for a time. Then one moves to the balls of the feet, the elbows, etc. Then, one is supposed to direct one’s awareness to the environment, starting from awareness of one’s room, then becoming aware of the next room, then the whole building, then the area around the building, then the city, then the state, then the country, then the world, then the universe. Then, the awareness is supposed to be capped with the awareness of the eufeeling, and the QE is complete. The books’ weakness is pretty obvious. First of all, there isn’t really a good sense of exactly what “pure awareness” is.

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