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Four ideal qualities of a good citizen that are exhibited by Jazz musicians include self-sacrifice, public spirit, sincere performance of duties and self-control and self-confidence (Heater 198). Most of the jazz artists exhibit these qualities in their own unique way. Self-sacrifice in reference to a good citizen is one who gives up self-interest to the interest of the community. The spirit of service and devotion are upheld by the individual. Such qualities are portrayed by Jazz artists in their work and performances. The desire of every Jazz artist is to keep all Americans entertained without considering their race or color. Benny Goodman was the first white bandleader to hire a black musician into his ensemble. He used his fame in the Jazz music to spread black music. He sacrificed his fame among the white listeners and that of his band all for the purpose of promoting the blacks and black music. The quality of public spirit states that a good citizen shows willingness and readiness to make it a living interest in all the public affairs. Such a citizen is ready to fight for the rights if other people while taking part in all public activities. Billie Holiday who was a jazz artist was vocal in fighting for the rights of the black people, especially with her song “Strange Fruit” that was inspired by the lynching of the two blacks, Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith. The artist performed the song every night amid emotions, and this made the civil rights movements to adopt it as their anthem (Peretti 89). Sincerity in the performance of duties means that a citizen performs his/ her duties with sincerity and faithfulness. Such a citizen willingly cooperates with the state officials in the discharge of their duties and remits their taxes just as the law requires them. Jazz artists and musicians perform their duties with devotion and sincerity. Among the most celebrated musicians of jazz and who was also a pioneer of jazz was Louis Armstrong born in 1901. At the age of 13 he started playing the cornet. All through his career life, he dedicatedly played jazz music with the purpose of entertaining the American population. Indiscriminately he played in all concert whether made of white people, black, Asians or Muslims. Self-control and self-confidence requires a good citizen to be sober in temperament and exhibit a lot of self-control in all public dealings. A self-controlled citizen possesses a disciplined character and does not indulge in vicious habits. Duke Ellington who was a master composer of jazz showed his self-confidence and self-control qualities of good citizenship during his entire career life of jazz. At the age of seven, he was confident that he would be a great keyboard player as well as founding the “swing” era of jazz. He remained a self-controlled person even after the great success that he had in his career. 2. My view of these qualities including additional measures proposed for moving present-day America toward a thriving multi-cultural society A lot of efforts have been directed towards creating a thriving multi-cultural society in the present day America. Along the history of racial oppression among people in the American population, any method available that could completely erase or wipe out the culture of racism in the American population has been embraced.

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