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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Product Feasibility Analysis. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

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The new Professor of Plumbing application is aimed to achieve these functions through the use of Android market, Smartphone and the iPhone to achieve these objectives. The application integrates books, tables, calculators that are necessary in plumbing work and piping design to present an enhanced user interactive application that presents faster and more accurate calculations on right angles, offset pipe lengths, plumbing fixture spacing, water pipe size, DWV pipe size, flow rates and volumes among other calculations. These are used daily by plumbing professionals and other professionals where piping system design is required. The application aims at making their experiences to be of a higher level, when using this application. There is a rich market that the application targets as described above. This will ensure the application captures the market, and meets the objectives in both revenues and offering interactive value to customers far and above the price paid for the application. The design and offering the application for sale have a high profit potential in that, as the application will be downloaded directly from application stores or bough from other professional databases, it will reduce the cost of buying other handsets, as is currently in the market. This will make most plumbers and those involved in design of pipes systems to prefer this application to buying of more specialized calculators. This will increase sales. the monthly and annually subscriptions are intended to increase the revenue base from the sales of this application greatly. The improved features that will be enhanced during development and advancement of this application will ensure that the application delivers maximum value to customers, and this will increase the revenue greatly as more customers download the application to experience these benefits. 2.0 Product Feasibility 2.1Problem identification The current advancing technologies require that operations by all professions and technicians be made fast reliable, efficient and effective. This means that a plumber has to have all the details they require during the daily operations at their hands. There is too much time wasted where the plumber is required to carry different equipment in a tool box, and this considerably reduces their effectiveness. A plumber will require calculators, manuals for checking angles and pipe diameters and how they correspond during fitting operations, the flow rates calculations and materials that contain many standards that have to be used during calculations in plumbing work. The time required to go though the above materials is too much and is wastage of productive time that reduces hourly productivity of such a plumber. It is necessary to equip the plumber with a new approach that they have to use when plumbing and solving all the above problems effectively. This is the reason behind the new Professor of Plumbing application a versatile application that will ensure speed, reliability, accuracy, precision that make the overall plumbing work much easier as compared to the current situation. 2.2. Product description The Professor of Plumbing Software comes along with the following features that will ensure a sustainable and wide market coverage and usage.

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