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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic A Letter of Advise.

This tool can be used to become an extraordinary communicator which ensures that a relationship is a healthy one. We use interpersonal skills every day. at workplace, at home as well as with friends, so that is to say that our very crucial relations rest, to an extent, on the foundation of good interpersonal skills. These tools allow you to see potential value and show your potential value. Used to break down barriers to communicate effectively, this list of interpersonal skills creates a clear road map to quality relationships. People skills allow you to understand the process, which in turn makes you more efficient with every interpersonal experience. Developing these transferable skills you already use from time to time will greatly increase the value from all of your interpersonal encounters. Barriers to effective communication Barriers to effective communication exist where the message that is meant to be transmitted does not reach the person it is addressed to in the way it is intended. It might be distorted which can create issues in relationships. According to “barriers of effective communication”, Chapter 10, there are different types of barriers to communication. They could be either physical i.e. physical distance or they could be related to the use difficult jargon. However in your case, psychological barriers may exist, which may be due to varying perceptions that is the way in which a message is perceived by the receiver. As different individuals, you would have different mind-sets and consequently, the way you think would vary from your partner. Similarly, emotions, like anger or hurt could also lead to distorting of messages and the mind is not clear at that point in time. Self-Concept: Self-concept can be used as a common phrase that refers to the way a person thinks himself/herself or how they perceive and recognize themselves. If we are aware of ourselves, we have conceptualized ourselves. According to Carl Rogers (1959), self-concept can be broken down into three varying parts. the first is the perception which we have of ourselves, followed by the value that we believe we have and thirdly, the Ideal Self which is the person we desire to be like. Baumeister (1999) has defined self-concept by saying: “the individual’s belief about himself or herself, including the person’s attributes and who and what the self is”. The first part is the “The Existential Self”, at the point when a child realizes that he/she actually is a separate being and is different from all others. This sense of awareness starts at the age of two to three months and might occurs because of the relation the child shares with the world. The thirds is how we see ourselves which is also called self-image. What we observe is not always the reality. This owes to a lot of factors, like family influence, friend circle, the media affect and so on. Self-esteem is like monitoring and at the end we can either have a negative or positive outlook of ourselves. I would like to share one thing that is quite important in your relation, which is the self-esteem. High self-esteem portrays a positive perception of us and signs of it include confidence, optimism, self-acceptance and not getting worried about what people might think of us. If the both of you have this then you would be able to better understand the actions of one another.

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