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Write 3 page essay on the topic New Worlds for All History.

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In New Worlds for All, Colin Calloway simply referred to “new worlds” to describe the kind of culture that both Indians and Europeans developed while invasion was ongoing, changing both the invaders and the ones being invaded (“New Worlds for All” xiii). The effort of Europeans to embark on the creation of a new world was fueled by the failure of Europeans to accept the fact that the Indian population in America already set up a society even before they did. Many Europeans were not open to conform to the culture that was already there. instead, they wanted to shape it in such a way that was parallel to their culture in their homeland. Thus, the voyage towards creating a hybrid society caused Europeans and Indians to consistently have conflicts in lifestyle, workmanship, religion and etc. that resulted in wars and much bloodshed. This “New World” was created in the activity of Indians and Europeans constantly trying to prove their respective rights to settle in America and to exercise their unique cultures. In the onset of doing so, there are positive and negative implications to both cultures. One of the positive effects would be the fact that Indians were able to gain access to new tools and technology such as guns and goods which were brought by the Europeans. This helped them improve their way of life, e.g. in hunting, building, and gathering food. On the other hand, some of the negative effects would be the diseases brought about by the Europeans, which at that time, Indians and Europeans did not know the cure for, thus resulting in many deaths. Also, Europeans’ inexperience in survival and expedition led them to using up the land resources, resulting in its wastage. “Religious zeal, land hunger, and cultural preconceptions also turned American into a new and often nightmarish world for Indian peoples” (Calloway 6). “Political and diplomatic decisions rested more and more in European hands” (Calloway 115). Because of this inevitable contact between the Indians and Europeans, the New World was built. Although the activities and events of the birth of the “New World” were not anything new compared to the events in the old world, what makes it distinct was the fact that the cultures involved in the creation of it were at first defined by resistance to change, adaptation, and isolation. This is characterized by the English immigrants continuously imposing their culture on Indian people living there. However, this conglomeration of cultural activities, which was mainly seen to cause further clash of cultures, actually transformed Europeans to acquire some Indian culture in the process of conquering and confronting them (Calloway 3). These “new worlds” created had a strong influence on the development of social, economic, and political life in North America. After some time of interaction, European settlers did not notice that soon they “dressed, ate, hunted, grew corn, behaved, and even looked like Indians” as what travelers of the 18th century observed about them after they have lived with Indian culture (Calloway 4). Also, since these Europeans started to think like Indians, they started speaking their native language and intermarrying between cultures was rampant. Because of this, we can see that children born from intermarriage of these two cultures were reared with Indian customs.

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