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Write 11 page essay on the topic Batian Food and Wine Festival.

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In total the event attracted over 50,000 participants. The festival had been so well managed by the use of the SWOT analysis, HR management, financial management, marketing and promotion, sponsorship, and risk management. Good organization and management were the key pillars that led to the success of the festival.

Batian food and wine festival is one of the most tremendous festivals have ever experienced. The festival involved a three day event in which there were various presentations of traditional food recipes and wines. Some of the events included brilliant musical productions, theater, gospel music’s, historic presentations, wine and food presentations/techniques which were presented to the guests who had been welcomed to witness this gratifying event. The festival began with a traditional wine tasting competition which was aimed at sampling the best wine presented in the festival. This was done by professional wine tasters. The festival brought together different communities from different parts of the world. There were wine tasters from each community.

The main theme of the festival was to educate people on the various traditional techniques which are used to prepare foods and wines and hence increase their knowledge on food and wine. One of the key entry criteria for the event was that each community that participated had to present a unique type of food and wine and their production technique.

One each day of the event there were different activity that was performed. For the first day, there was wine sampling and tasting. Then on the second day, there was sampling of food and their recipes. On the third day, the finals were held and judgment delivered. (Abel, 2000).

January 25th 2005

This was the first day of the festival. Since all the entries had been made earlier, there was no issue of registration on the first day. There was exclusive wine sampling and tasting along the beach. All the participants aligned their wine in shades and the tasters who were about 50 went from shade to shade. The day one event started at 6:30 PM and continued till late at night. After the tasters had visited all the shades, the participants were then allowed to try their buds on different sampled wines since they had a chance to vote for the best wine also. There were more than 83 wine varieties which were presented in the festival. There were traditional dances to spice up the festival.

At the end of the day, every one seemed a bit tipsy. Every one was jovial while the paned of wine tasters confined themselves in a closed room where they were making their deliberations. The results were not released on that day since they had to wait for the results of the voting from the participants as well (Abraham, 2000).

January 26th 2005

The event started at 8:00 Am but this was abit different from the day one event. This was a chance for the best chefs from the communities to test one another. It was during this day when so many levels of competitions were presented on the types of cooks and wines which these professional could make. It was also during this day when all those professional chefs had been invited for the festival so that they could try and compete at their many levels of cooking (Abraham, 2000).

The chefs lined up with recipes in shades.

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