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For instance, the world is threatened with the increasing number of people that are affected by avian flu and HIV/Aids. Global health is harder to distinguish from domestic health because this relates too much to migration patterns of people and are occurring in economies that lack preventive measures or no access to retroviral capacities (Edberg, 2007). Medical researchers suspected that these illnesses are fast occurring and are transmitted in international and trade routes where there are economic developments that have somehow created rural-urban division and migrant people influx to earn income and find pleasure (Edberg, 2007). Avian flu virus is sourced from migratory birds that traverse from country to another to survive from winter seasons while HIV/Aids are sexually transmitted by an infected person through copulation (Edberg, 2007). These are among the challenges and threats of globalization and the increasing complexity of convergences because these venues also become places of the transmission of infectious diseases. The urban centers where human resources are concentrated for work are vulnerable to infection from contamination of water and air pollution (such as cholera), food shortages, climate effects, and insects thriving in dirty zones (Edberg, 2007). Hence, physical health facilities are very important here to provide necessary healthcare for those needing services. Strategic health management is demanded from government to protect and complement the economic and political activities of people (Edberg, 2007). Health education and promotion should be considered as one of the top of agenda for international and national bodies to as part of the preventive measures of people against leading causes of mortality and morbidity (Edberg, 2007). The Centers for Disease and Illness Prevention, National Institute of Health, US International Agency for International Development, German International Aids Agency and UK Department for International Development, Pan American Health Organization, UN-led organizations and the World Health Organization are looking into these concerns through varied health programs in affected countries (Edberg, 2007). They partner with health organizations and other associations of medical practitioners to provide integrated reliefs and support systems to promote general wellness (Edberg, 2007). To cope with the social context and behaviour of people, these experts intervene are fully aware of racial disparity, cultural diversity, social differences, economic patterns, and the impacts of agricultural and industrial production to the very lives of these peoples (Edberg, 2007). They conduct through epidemiology assessment to as part of the global report and health database as evidences and bases for action and development of health programs. Experts also conduct educational and ecological assessment to gather diverse knowledge, attitudes, normative practices, cultures, stereotypes and social factors influencing people’s behaviours and attitude to health (Edberg, 2007). They also enforce administrative and policy assessment to determine if pro-health governance is practiced and laws are legislated to provide support and administrative environ that is responsive to peoples welfare and health (Edberg, 2007).

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