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The causes of felony are many. However the most common cause of the crimes includes but not limited to poverty, unemployment as well as a way of retaliating. Another reason could be due to homelessness (Lynch, 309–322). The impacts felons have on the society are very important. First and foremost, based on their previous track record which is usually bad, such people are rarely accepted well in the society. As a result, most of them are usually unable to secure employment (Hull, 83). This is because the employees are usually afraid of the dangers and losses they can incur in case they recruit such people. thus, there many felons who are unemployed and fail to find any job. This large number has adverse effects on the society. More than 75% of the felons do not get employed within the first year out of prison. There are two major consequences of it. First. they become a great burden to both the public as well as the tax payers for their support. This leads to financial crisis to the entire society (Lynch, 309–322).

Another major problem that arises with felons is the impact they have on culture. This is because it is usually hard to find peace prevailing in a region where many felons exist (Chapin, 163–183). Felons who are not employed not only find it hard to meet their bills but also to secure some shelter. Therefore, most of them usually engage in criminal activities in an attempt to satisfy their basic needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs gives an illustration of the needs that drive humans in their activities in an attempt to make ends meet. …

These requirements form the basis of motivation in humans in the world. This is because humans strive to fulfill their basic needs before proceeding to needs that considered advanced. The basic physical needs include food shelter and clothing (Hull, 83). Such needs are met at whatever cost regardless on the consequences they have on the external environment. In fact such needs are deemed responsible for the changes that are noticed in the external environment. Providing employment opportunities for felons is an important way of reducing the amounts of crimes individuals engage in. This because employment will enable them realizes self esteem which is very crucial in the process of one realizing the goals. Their inability to secure housing has led to homelessness among felons. Therefore. they resort to staying in shelters and engaging in panhandling. This is to the disadvantage of many communities who never want people to be homeless (Lynch, 309–322). The lack issue of felons lacking employment also limits their ability of going health insurance. This is also an important issue as most of such individuals usually have medical conditions that need to be treated. This in itself is a great challenge to the medical practitioners and especially the existing public health care systems. Most of the system institutions have limited services to offer to such people. It consequently increases their chances of committing more crimes. One of the justifications of this statement is that most of them would commit such crimes out mental breakdown unknowingly. Felons should keep their rights to vote after conviction because they join the entire community of a nation and have equal rights just like other citizens.

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