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In addition, the paper will highlight network infrastructure and the end user devices and other technology considerations. There are stimulus programs and government initiatives in the United States, the European Commission of eHealth Action Plan, Canada’s Health Inforway, and China’s Guidelines on deepening the reform of the Healthcare System. which accelerate the clinical applications adoption. EMR infrastructure provides portfolio to offer integrated and validated solutions in the healthcare industry. EMR transforms electronic care processes in the industry. With a well developed IT infrastructure, there will be a high level of performance, security, availability, integration, and virtualization of health records. The computer network and technology infrastructure that supports EMR in healthcare infrastructure is EMC EHR Infrastructure Solutions Suite. As a current technology, it can transform and change completely the healthcare infrastructure. It can do this through consolidating, managing and virtualization of clinical applications effectively and efficiently. It can also ensure the security of personally identified information and protected health information in the delivery of care. EMC HER Infrastructure Solutions Suite can also protect both past and future healthcare information technology investment. The EMC HER Infrastructure Solutions Suite also ensure improvement of clinical workflow and productivity for collaborative and safer care decisions. This cuts out the present EMR framework that is being used. Although NextGen KBM 5.6 framework is advantageous compared to manual recording systems, it is wise enough for the recent medical data recording and maintenance specifications set by the federal government calls for the deployment of a more complex but smoother EMR technology. It is of much importance that a more centralized and coherent data administration system should be adopted. Development of online collaboration and adoption of uniform terminology are the major areas of challenge, where improvements are highly desired in order to advance the current EMR (NextGen and NEON, 2011). On a daily basis, healthcare organizations process an increasing data amounts. Currently, it’s a challenge to share information and connect affiliated doctors in a health system. In most healthcare organizations, there is no current technology that offers an end to end electronic medical record solution that enhances standards for accessibility, accuracy, and security. There is a manual system of processing patient flows which is tiresome and complicated. In the current situation, workflow processes are analyzed and documented. There are various inefficiencies and bottlenecks even in the billing system. The current processes that require and efficient EMR infrastructure include: Billing, scheduling appointments, referral management, procedures of office visits, patient check-in and check-out, and e-prescribing and laboratories (NextGen and NEON, 2011). There are various gaps and issues in the healthcare environment concerning EMR. There is a huge lack of innovation in the health records thwarting the attempts of doctors to advance the process and workflow of healthcare. The vendors of EMR control the data and even resist functionality improvement as well, although they reap financial gains from it.

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